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Blockchain & Smart Cities: Must-Have America 2.0 Duo

Blockchain & Smart Cities: Must-Have America 2.0 Duo

It’s hard to forget an iconic duo.

  • Batman and Robin
  • Tom and Jerry
  • Peanut butter and Jelly

Separately they’re great but together they’re unforgettable.

Today, I’m introducing you to a new duo that’s about to take the America 2.0 world by storm.

Separately, their technological capabilities are a wonder, but together their innovative partnership can change the world.


Blockchain and smart cities.

Right now, a revolutionary blockchain cryptocurrency-powered smart city is in development.

This Nevada-based crypto-powered city will feature, “a technology park for the advancement of artificial intelligence, 3D printing, and nanotechnology, all integrated into a blockchain-based system.”

Look at this 100-square-mile crypto-powered smart city. It’s scheduled to break ground just east of Reno, Nevada in 2022:

blockchain proposed smart city concept


An America 2.0 city come to life!

Blockchain technology and smart cities create a powerful technological combination that’s projected to be worth billions of dollars.

Early investors — like you — could make fortunes. I’ll tell you the best way to buy into this America 2.0 trend before every city in America turns smart!

Blockchain Tech: Speed, Security and Ease

Blockchain technology by itself is known for its speed, security and ease.

Global spending on blockchain tech solutions is projected to quadruple by 2024, reaching $17.9 billion.

worldwide spending blockchain 2017-2024

Blockchain technology was officially introduced to the world in 2009. It’s the most cutting-edge, effective and efficient invention in modern times.

And now it’s embraced across multiple sectors.

history of blockchain timeline

That’s why we designate blockchain as one of the key America 2.0 mega trends to follow.

A blockchain is an open and transparent data structure that holds transaction records.

These chains of records are stored in block form and controlled by no single person or entity.

In other words, it’s a decentralized finance (DeFi) gem.

All this and more put blockchain on Paul’s investment watchlist. And he has a top blockchain stock that he predicts has the potential to make you 15X your money.

Click here to see details of how he believes the blockchain revolution will unfold.

Blockchain is key for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Forget file cabinets overflowing with documents that take you an hour to find what you need. Blockchain keeps your most important records secure all in one place.

uses for blockchain infographic

This technological solution is set to grow as the new source of secure record keeping for everyday transactions which includes:

  • Home mortgage contracts
  • Property record keeping
  • Health care records
  • Currency transactions
  • Banking

And now … smart cities!

The Nevada crypto-powered smart city project I told you about shows the popularity is real and growing.

Per Markets and Markets, global smart cities’ market size is expected to nearly double, growing from $410.8 billion in 2020 to $820.7 billion by 2025.

This is a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.8%. 

smart city opportunity infographic

The Blockchain Smart City Duo: Invest Today

The opportunities for investing in blockchain and smart city tech are unlimited.

After you read Paul’s blockchain presentation, you can reap the boundless rewards of blockchain tech through an exchange-traded fund (ETF).

I recommend buying the Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF (NYSE: BLOK).

Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF gives blockchain focused investors access to companies that may benefit from the technology.

These companies have the potential to revolutionize the way global trade is conducted, data is secured, supply chains are managed, financial instruments are cleared and contracts are recorded.

We are very bullish, optimistic and positive (#BOP) on blockchain and smart cities as a dynamic duo of the America 2.0 revolution.

And because this mega trend transformation is so huge, we have a special announcement coming for city mega trend trade pdf cover

Paul’s discovered a smart city play SO big, he’s calling it the “trade of the decade.”

Not only will we have a special presentation for you with all the details, but you’ll also have a chance to claim his new report on it.

He’s shared all the exciting details with me. And I’m going to make sure you get the full scoop tomorrow.

Please keep an eye on your inbox. I’ll send you an email that will delve further into smart city tech and how you can play this up-and-coming America 2.0 market for profits.

Hang on tight as we ride this crypto-powered smart city technology wave together!

Until next time,

Amber Lancaster

Amber Lancaster
Director of Investment Research, Banyan Hill Publishing

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