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Blockchain-New Energy Combo Buy Before 193% Surge

Blockchain-New Energy Combo Buy Before 193% Surge

Story Highlights:

  • Two rising star mega trends are meeting to create a new profit market for you.
  • The blockchain-energy ETF to buy before the market jumps to $7.1 billion by 2023.
  • Paul’s predictions and picks for blockchain (see here) and new energy (report here).

What happens when blockchain meets solar energy?

It creates a $7.1 billion market for you to invest in for America 2.0.

This mega trend merger is a big deal.

Blockchain will be a huge disruptor for the energy industry.

Blockchain coupled with new energy tech will open the gateway to tremendous time savings and cost-effectiveness.

Major players in the new energy market are now exploring leading-edge blockchain technologies that will soon position them as front-runners in the new energy revolution.

According to Reports and Reports, the blockchain energy market is projected to reach $7.1 billion by 2023. In 2018, it was estimated to be just $394.3 million.

That’s an amazing compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 78.32%!

This tells me that there’s a ton of room for us to profit — not only from our two rising star mega trends — but from the America 2.0 combo of the two.

This is why I’m going to tell you three ways to buy in today … before the blockchain-backed new energy revolution sails to unbelievable new highs.

Mega Trend No. 1: Blockchain

Easy, fast and secure.

That’s what comes to mind when you think of blockchain technology.

Officially introduced to the world in 2009, blockchain is the most cutting-edge, effective and efficient invention in modern times.

This is why Paul Mampilly and the Bold Profits team are so bullish on it. We designate blockchain as one of the key America 2.0 mega trends to follow.

A blockchain is like an impenetrable digital ledger. It’s a database of digital records — or blocks of transactions — that are controlled by no single person or entity.

It’s a breakthrough technology that is now explored and embraced across multiple sectors: banking, health care, real estate and shipping.

Now, blockchain tech’s transaction prowess is taking hold of the new energy market.

Mega Trend No. 2: New Energy

In a recent Bold Profits Daily article, I alerted readers to a breakthrough new energy product from Tesla that can put cold hard cash in their pockets.

The product called Autobidder is part of the Tesla energy division’s big-picture plan to become a massively distributed electric utility.

Tesla’s solar panels, solar roofs and Powerwalls are gaining momentum. And everyday consumers — like you and me — are generating tons and tons of energy from the sun.

Tesla’s Autobidder helps users sell excess stored energy that they don’t use to local utility companies. It’s like Tesla’s own virtual power plant:

This idea of selling excess power to your neighbors is where new energy can work with blockchain.

Tesla isn’t alone in this space.

Energy companies are starting to use a blockchain-technology platform to record and track renewable energy transactions.

This allows for the decentralized selling and buying of renewable energy.

Like us, they see this tech as a powerhouse making things secure, fast and efficient.

One recent report from a peer-to-peer energy company says:

Through blockchain, users can trace and verify that they are receiving energy from renewable sources and have confidence that their financial transactions are being securely recorded and enabled.

More crucially, blockchain connects smaller buyers and sellers together in a low-cost fashion and allows for faster settlement compared to longer settlement periods with the current energy market. With blockchain, settlement can be achieved in real-time.

The advantage of simplicity, speed and security is that consumers can embrace the technology quickly and become part of a growing global network, creating more demand and opportunities for fulfilment.

This allows the marketplace to grow and provide a viable and reliable economic base for the renewable energy sector.

Blockchain platforms working with new energy technology will fundamentally change how energy is traded worldwide.

In time, dominant players in the traditional energy markets of oil, gas and power-utility companies will soon fade into America 1.0 as more efficient peer-to-peer energy distribution come to the forefront.

Blockchain + New Energy = Massive America 2.0 Gains

This mega trend merger is a great investment opportunity for you. And there are three incredible ways for you to profit from its rise:

  1. Blockchain — This technology is set to disrupt almost every industry on the planet. We’re only beginning to see how. Paul believes that early adopters to this tech who get in now will make fortunes in the years to come. See his prediction he recorded in this video.
  2. New Energy — America is due for an “energy upgrade.” And Paul found a company at the forefront of it all. The technology behind the new energy revolution is so powerful that it’s protected by 100 different patents all owned by this one company. It was started by “Employee No. 7” — one of Tesla’s original staffers. Paul describes the full story and how you can buy in today here.
  3. The Blockchain-New Energy ETF — You can buy the Innovation Shares NextGen Protocol ETF (NYSE: KOIN). Exchange-traded fund (ETF) KOIN holds key players in the blockchain and new energy revolution. Since its March 23, KOIN is up nearly 46%:

We are bullish, optimistic and positive (#BOP) on blockchain and new energy as part of the America 2.0 revolution.

We foresee both cutting-edge technologies leading us toward a more efficient new energy future.

And looking forward is how we recommend investing for the future, today!

Until next time,

Amber Lancaster

Amber Lancaster

Director of Investment Research, Banyan Hill Publishing

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