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Blockchain Buy Before Real Estate’s Upgrade

The real estate industry is booming. But it’s about to rocket even higher.

Imagine going through the entire process of renting a new home — credit checks, first month’s rent and a deposit — in a matter of minutes.

With blockchain, the excruciating process will soon be a thing of the past.

And one blockchain-backed innovation is going to drive it.

That’s why I’ve dedicated this month’s Profits Unlimited newsletter to this America 2.0 opportunity.

The issue just went live a couple of hours ago, but it’s not too late. You can see how blockchain is going to disrupt — not just housing — but every industry on the planet, here.

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Today, I want to tell you about an innovation that, in some ways, is as big as what just happened this weekend, which is SpaceX sent an American-made rocket up into space with American astronauts for the first time in nearly a decade.

That’s pretty extraordinary. However, there’s actually a bigger revolution unfolding right now. The vast majority of people have no idea that this is going on.

I can tell you that when you look out five, seven or 10 years from now, you will wish that someone told you this was going on and that you had done something about it, bought some of this, put some of this in your portfolio and made it part of your financial plans and holdings so you could benefit from it.

Streamlining with Blockchain

This is the world of blockchain and blockchain represented by any number of cryptocurrencies. For those of you who don’t know, blockchain represents a kind of technology that allows you to embed all kinds of virtual information, virtual representations of ownership, claims, documents — they can all sit on what is called a blockchain.

Each piece of information represents a block. It also serves as a connection to any other piece of information it is associated with. What it does is eliminate so much complexity and distrust that exists in all kinds of human dealings. The greatest example is real estate since so many of us go through some kind of real estate transaction in our lifetime.

Whether it be renting a house or buying a house, anyone who has gone through it knows what a pain it is. If you are renting a place you have to put a deposit down because the landlord doesn’t trust you. Oftentimes it’s the first and last month. That represents a big deal. Then there’s the credit check.

If everything doesn’t work out perfectly, you don’t get the apartment. Again, all this complexity and distrust because the two parties don’t know that what you are saying is true and it’s very hard to verify it for sure. However, just imagine a world where all that is verifiable because it sits on this thing called a blockchain.

blockchain technologyAll your pieces of information and all the things that verify what you are, what your income is and what your rental track record is, any deposits that can secure your claim that you are able to pay for this apartment — that’s a huge deal.

When you step it out further and you go into home buying, this gets way more complicated. From the moment you start to even consider buying a house, there are so many different things that require you to put a deposit down. There’s earnest money, the actual deposit. Then you get into closing costs where there’s an array of costs and events.

There is the title, the real estate agent, the existing owner, you, the city, the county, maybe even the state. It is a web of complexity that is perfectly ripe to be disrupted through the use of a simplifying technology like blockchain where all these pieces of information can be fed into one central series of pieces of information interconnected to each other.

You remove so much of the complexity. By removing the complexity, you also remove all the issues of distrust, which has the ultimate benefit of reducing the cost. Closing costs can represent as much as 3% to 5% of a house’s value. When the average price of a house might be $200,000 to $250,000, we’re talking about some serious money here.

You can reduce that cost down by eliminating distrust and complexity. The other thing you can also do when you have a simplifying technology like blockchain is you can shrink down the time. Imagine being able to go look at a house and being able to close on it in a few minutes after you got there.

Versus going back and it’s weeks later or months later where you are still dealing with buying the house. In this month’s Profits Unlimited, we are going to add our second crypto that represents the leading cryptocurrency that represents platform and crypto. It’s going to be the basis for transactions of all kinds that human beings around the world are going to need to conduct it using blockchain.

As a result, I believe there is going to be an enormous amount of demand for this cryptocurrency that is going to send it rocketing higher.


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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