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Blockchain 2022: Supply Crunch & Deflationary Tech

Blockchain 2022: Supply Crunch & Deflationary Tech

Planes, trains and automobiles…

These rapidly caused our economy to grow.

And the same is happening today with technology.

Right now, it seems like everyone is worried about inflation. But here’s the thing: technology is deflationary.

It helps move goods and services fast and efficiently to meet demand.

One America 2.0 tech can even solve the world’s supply crunch problem: blockchain. (What is blockchain? Click here.)

It’s already started…

Watch today’s Market Talk for the full story about this tech and how you can prepare for a deflationary environment:


Amber Lancaster:  In this video we are honing in on the one industry 4.0 technology that can help alleviate most supply chain problems and two ways you can invest in it. Hello and welcome to Market Talk Monday on the Paul Mampilly YouTube channel, the home of Bold Profits Strong Hands Nation.

I am Amber Lancaster. Thank you for tuning in. Today we have Patrick Goodrich, investment analyst at Bold Profits, here to answer questions and share new information regarding his latest Bold Profits Daily article titled, “Blockchain and Supply Chain, Buy the Tech Solution.”

Hello, Patrick. Thank you for being here today.

Patrick Goodrich:  Hey Amber. Thank you very much for having me on. It’s good to be here.

Amber: It’s good to see you. Before we begin, as always, remember to please like and subscribe to this channel. It helps support the channel and keeps us going. Most importantly, please remember to turn on your YouTube notifications so you don’t miss a video.


How Is Technology Deflationary?

Let’s begin. Patrick, in your latest article you touch on two salient points. Point one, instead of inflation we should be prepared for a deflationary environment. You explain how Paul sees prices for goods falling, not rising, and that technology-induced deflation will eventually lead to falling prices in the futures.

Also, how some major corporations are taking supply chain issues into their own hands and using America 2.0 blockchain solutions to solve the problems. My first question for you is, can you please explain how technology is deflationary? We’d love to learn your perspective on that.

Patrick: The reason technology is naturally deflationary is because of the fact that whenever someone wants to invent something or innovate, they always want more out of it for less. The other way of putting it is technology is also making goods and services more efficient and scaled more rapidly.

They can get the goods and services to the demand that people want quicker and more efficiently. Naturally the progression of technology leads to things moving to the market faster. Over the last 100 years planes, trains and automobiles have rapidly caused economies to grow efficiently and bring us the goods and services we want.

So naturally, technology is deflationary.

Amber: Being Bold Profits team members, we know Paul’s perspective on technology. Technology is a booming investment we should all try to be in on the ground floor for big gains ahead. Turning to the supply chain, because it’s still on everyone’s mind at this point, we think about it all the time.

I know in your Bold Profits articles you are known as the Dow Dude, which is great. You are constantly and always honing in on what’s happening on the Dow and how America 2.0 companies will eventually replace America 1.0 companies in the Dow, as well as some blockchain solutions people will adopt going forward.


How Can Blockchain Help Companies?

First, can you explain how blockchain can actually help companies weather what we are looking at with the supply chain issue? How is blockchain helping with that problem?

Patrick: A little background on blockchain. Blockchains are essentially decentralized networks where all these computers are competing to solve complex mathematical problems to add blocks to the blockchain. Each block has transactions and data connected.

Blockchain process diagram

The reason why that’s great is that there is no central entity controlling it. It’s scattered throughout and provides real-time data all the time at very fast speeds.

Blockchain Order Explanation

Why that’s important in the supply chain crunch is because companies are adopting private blockchains to take all the data points of their supply chains, from the customer ordering online, going to a warehouse, to a tanker, to a truck and then to your front door, all those things have different data points.

It’s collecting information on weather, road conditions, weather at sea and stuff like that. All of this compiles, but having it on a blockchain makes it so it’s rapid, it’s real time. All the parties of the supply chain from third parties of a big supplier to the online presence might not be within one company, but if all the parties are understanding then they can scale up and meet demand quickly.

Blockchains are solving the supply chain crunch.


What Is Company Should Be Embraced In The Future?

Amber: Great explanation. I am going to add a visual to your talk because I thought that was great how you broke it down. In your article you name one of Dow’s America 1.0 companies that understands this is a technology to be embraced moving forward and to grow their business.

What is that company?

Patrick: That’s a good segue into providing an actual example. It was Walmart Canada. 69 of its carriers worked to create their own private blockchain. As I said, they collected all the data, pricing points and everything across all the provinces of Canada.

Then of course the road conditions, the weather and worked with all the ports. Prior to the implementation of their private blockchain, they had massive disputes with their invoices with their carriers. It would sometimes take weeks or months to resolve payment issues.

They had discrepancies on about 70% of invoices prior to the implementation of their blockchain. Now, it’s less than 1%. As I said, it’s incredible. What a remarkable drop. That means you have happier truckers, happy people getting paid on time. It’s awesome.

The factors like the weather, you might have a snowy road condition, but you can find an alternate route so the goods get shipped on time. It’s really relieving the pain point areas of the supply chain crunch.

Amber: Fantastic. 70% down to 1%. It’s a no brainer that blockchain is truly the way to go. I will share later how Bold Profits members or anyone watching this video can start investing in this blockchain solution and add it to their portfolio.


What Companies Are Using Blockchain?

When mentioning Walmart Canada, I wanted to know if you’ve seen any other companies embracing blockchain in their company makeup.

Patrick: Definitely. Actually Samsung was one of them I looked into. They have a blockchain product called Cello Trust. Basically, it’s the same as what I explained with Walmart Canada. It’s a private blockchain their clients can use and work with their third parties to make sure all that data is shared in real time, all parties know, it’s very transparent.

If somebody uses Cell Trust, one example was a seafood company, it can find the source of the seafood, ship it to where it needs to go and work with third parties to get it distributed where it needs to be. Blockchain is fast, efficient, transparent and it’s solving the supply chain issues we are dealing with right now.

Amber: Patrick, great information. I concur with you wholeheartedly. If you haven’t had a chance to read Patrick’s article titled, “Blockchain and Supply Chain, Buy the Tech Solution,“ it’s definitely a technology solution we should be buying.

Patrick, thank you for being here today. We appreciate your insights as always.

Patrick: Thanks for having me on.


Let’s Recap!

Amber: Have a wonderful week ahead and see you soon.

Thank you again to Patrick for joining us today. Like I usually say, great information. It’s good to learn something new every day. As Patrick concluded in his article, the real opportunity to make money is in the technology spreading rapidly through every aspect of our lives.

Technology, like blockchain, is that solution. Whether it be the supply chain bottleneck, making crypto safe and secure, or even changing the way we share our medical records, how we vote, how we purchase our homes, banking, etc. Blockchain is replacing the decades-old foundation of virtually every industry in the world.

That’s food for thought. With that, I am happy to share that you have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor. Check out the details of Paul’s blockchain stock recommendation by click the strong hands.

If you want broad exposure to what blockchain has to offer, you can consider adding the ARK Fintech Innovation ETF (NYSEARKA: ARKF) to your America 2.0 portfolio. The fund invests in domestic and foreign equities and companies that rely on or benefit from technologically enabled products or services that potentially change the way financial sectors work.

With that, you can follow Paul, Patrick and me on Twitter: @MampillyGuru, @PGoodrich6 and @ALancasterGuru. Wishing you a fantastic productive week ahead. Until next time, take care.

To learn more about the other industries blockchain is completely reshaping — and get my stock recommendation — click here.


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

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