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Bitcoin Takes the Dow? 2 Steps for You Now

Bitcoin Takes the Dow? 2 Steps for You Now

Rumor has it … one of my 2021 predictions may be coming true in the near future.

It’s one that can give our Dow 100K prediction a boost…

And create a great investment opportunity for you.

That’s right.

Walmart — currently in the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index — might be buying bitcoin.

And if you remember, one of my 2021 predictions was that a company in the Dow would start buying into bitcoin — giving the crypto a major boost.

For now, this is just a rumor. So, we can’t check it off your Predictions Bingo Card yet … but it’s a great opportunity for now…

How You Benefit from Digitizing the Dow

One mega trend I’m most excited about with huge potential for gains is fintech, specifically bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies — the new way we are conducting commerce.

As I mentioned, it was one of my 2021 predictions that a blue-chip stock in the Dow would buy it.

So, when scrolling through Twitter earlier this month, I read a post from Vik Sharma. He’s the founder of a cryptocurrency platform for sending, receiving and storing coins.

He tweeted about the Walmart/bitcoin duo:

vik sharma bitcoin dow tweet

Now Walmart hasn’t announced this, but if this is true, we probably won’t hear anything until they report first quarter figures on May 18.

And it would make sense for a company to wait until the last minute to tell the world, so they can continue to accumulate the digital gold — bitcoin — before everyone else rushes in to bid up the price.

To be clear, I’m not recommending buying Walmart’s stock in anticipation of a stock pop.

I actually think purchasing bitcoin, even if it is just a fraction of a coin, is a better play.

I believe when Walmart announces it’s added the cryptocurrency to its balance sheet, bitcoin adoption will go even more mainstream.

You see, Walmart appeals to the everyday American.

A recent survey I found pegged only 10% of Americans own cryptos.

That’s about 30 million Americans. Now, compare that to the 265 million customers Walmart serves on a weekly basis worldwide.

Not only will the word get out for the average investor, but it could also be just the ticket for other Dow companies to jump onboard to bitcoin.

In turn this will likely cause a dramatic surge in bitcoin’s price as well as help the Dow Jones reach my goal of 100,000 this decade.

Dyer’s Digital Crypto Plays — Trade in a Flash

I know what you are thinking…

Everyone and their brother and sister are telling me to buy bitcoin, but is there another way to profit from cryptos?


My colleague and good friend, Ian Dyer, has been beta testing a crypto service for months now and the results are outstanding.

So far, he has 35 total beta test trades. The 22 he’s closed out have been for gains. In fact, most have been double-digit winners and one was a triple-digit winner.

These are crypto plays you probably don’t know about unless you’re already a big crypto investor.

Now we know no one can predict the future, but Ian and I are confident the cryptoverse is filled with chances for you to win.

The service Crypto Flash Trader will be launching in the near future. But you don’t have to wait.

There are two ways you can get a sneak peek and find out what you need to trade cryptos — even if it’s your first time. The best part: Both are completely free.

No. 1: Subscribe to Paul’s YouTube channel. Paul and Ian talk crypto as part of their regular roundup on the Friday IanCast. They tell you everything — from the market to coins on their watchlist to some of their big crypto predictions for 2021. Click here to subscribe now.

No. 2: Join the Crypto Flash Trader exclusive pre-launch list. Basically what that means is you will sign up to be among the first to know about this new crypto trading service. But it also means that you get exclusive content NOW before the launch …  only if you sign up for it here. Paul and Ian are releasing their first video this week … and there are more exciting things we’re creating just for this group. Click here to sign up now.

Ian is taking the lead on this as our resident crypto expert, but Paul and I will be there to help with this exciting new service.

Now is the best time to get more crypto exposure in your portfolio … before more companies, like Walmart, let the world know about the crazy big bitcoin opportunity.

Happy investing,

Patrick Goodrich

Patrick Goodrich

Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing

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