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Bitcoin: No. 1 In Race to 100K?

Bitcoin: No. 1 In Race to 100K?

 Story Highlights:

  • The Dow and bitcoin race to 100K is heating up — don’t miss a 995% return.
  • Our new prediction on when bitcoin reaches 100K — and beyond.
  • Three steps you can take today to make money in America 2.0. Plus, how you can take part in Paul’s Main Street millionaire mission.

Dow 100K or bitcoin 100K?

Both definitely have a nice ring.

But I bet that bitcoin will get there first.

The race is still on, and no matter which claims first place, your America 2.0 portfolio is revving up for massive gains ahead!

I told you my theory a few months back, as these two America 2.0 plays marched to the six-figure mark.

Now another one of your Bold Profits Daily gurus — Ian Dyer — is getting in on the action. He doesn’t think bitcoin will just hit 100,000 … he thinks is will soar past it!

You’re going to win no matter what. We’re giving you laser-focused plays on America 2.0 stocks that will give the Dow Jones Industrial Average an upgrade to 100K.

AND we’re telling you how you can benefit from the rise of bitcoin as it disrupts the global financial system.

Our prediction stands: The Dow and bitcoin will hit 100K in America 2.0.

But I’ll share a brand-new 2021 prediction with you today and three steps to make sure you’re ready for it.

The 995% Return You Don’t Want to Miss

You know we’re extremely bullish, optimistic and positive (#BOP) on bitcoin.

Ian believes bitcoin can go to $115K by next August.

That means the price of bitcoin could soar 995% in less than a year. Talk about a fast, HUGE return!

The reasons it could surge in just a short time stem from Paul’s GoingUpness strategy. (If you need a refresh, click here.)

You can see in the below chart since March, the number of bitcoin stored on a crypto exchange is decreasing, which adds to bitcoin’s ScarceAbility:

At the same time, the price has risen more than 150% from its March low.

Plus, demand for bitcoin has continued to increase.

Last month the first publicly-traded company announced that it used $400 million of its cash to purchase about 38,000 bitcoins.

This is incredibly bullish.

Corporations are starting to see its value which is another sign of demand.

How to “Rev” up Your Portfolio in the 100K Race?

There are so many ways you can benefit from the Dow and bitcoin’s run-up to 100K.

Bitcoin stands to steal market share from the $90 trillion global banking sector. That’s an unfathomable amount of money.

And that’s just a chunk of profits that you can see in America 2.0. Bitcoin is only one corner of our vision. So here are the steps you can take now to prepare:

Step No. 1: Catch up on some face time with all of our YouTube videos. We’re posting new content and opportunities every single week. This is a chance to hear straight from Paul and the team about investment strategies for stocks, cryptos and more.

Bitcoin is a weekly round up in the Friday IanCast and where we first called our new 2021 bitcoin prediction.

Click here to subscribe to the channel and be the first in on these.

Step No. 2: Gain the courage you need to invest with our #BOP message on Twitter. This is our outlet to you every day — any time of day. We’re posting and calling for feedback from our Strong Hands Nation.

We tweet out market insights, recommendations and free reports. Make sure you never miss a beat by following us:

@MampillyGuru, @IanDyerGuru, @ALancasterGuru, @TBarkhanoy and @PGoodrich6.

Step No. 3: Get your all-star investor insight from Paul. He wrote an entire book on how you — Main Street investors — can become millionaires. It’s called Profits Unlimited.

In it, Paul explains how bitcoin made it into one of our Bold Profits mega trends, how it’s different than buying a stock and the blockchain technology behind it that will change the world. Here’s a snippet hot off the press:

Imagine the efficiency of the blockchain in shipping, supply chains, voting — the list is endless. I’m bullish on blockchain technology because I see so many applications where you can implement the technology and increase efficiency dramatically.

Bitcoin and the blockchain technology will play a critical part in the America 2.0 society.

Paul has a stock that could potentially help you grab that 995% return Ian believes could come in less than a year.

And with this book — your guide to investing in the stock market — you’ll also get access to Paul Profits Unlimited portfolio with the bitcoin stock. Click here to see how you can get your copy today.

I’m very excited to see what happens in this race 100K. In the end, we are all winners simply by investing in America 2.0!

Happy investing,

Patrick Goodrich

Patrick Goodrich

Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing

Editor’s Note: Paul set a goal to show 1,000 everyday Americans how to become millionaires. Coming from anyone else, that may seem like an unrealistic promise. But the fact is, he’s helped people do just that over the years. Like Jack:

I couldn’t believe it … in just 18 months, we had generated $1.5 million.

Jack B.

You and your stories inspired Paul to reach more. And the best way to do that was to get his book — with his millionaire-minting secret — into as many hands as possible.

Click here for the details on how to get yours today.

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