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Bitcoin’s Halving: Prepare for $50k Jump by Year’s End

Bitcoin’s Halving: Prepare for $50k Jump by Year’s End

It’s the first of its kind.

I call it “digital gold.” Bitcoin.

It’s better than gold, silver and every other world currency.

Bitcoin is more finite, portable and more divisible than gold. And yesterday, it went through its third-ever halving — making it even more valuable.

Historically, bitcoin soars to new highs after the halving.

Now is the time to buy your digital gold … before it rockets up as the currency of America 2.0.

Remember: I predict bitcoin will hit $50,000 by the end of the year. And we’re already on our way!

Today, I’ll tell you what to expect for bitcoin’s value now that the supply has been cut in half. Watch it here now:

Bitcoin Halving is Here!

As many of you know from watching the IanCast, we have been talking about the Bitcoin Halving for about three or four months now. It’s now here and is set to happen at about 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

I want to lay out what is going on, what I believe is going to happen and why I believe this is going to be an incredibly positive thing for the price of Bitcoin. First of all, for those of you who may be new to the idea of buying into Bitcoin, let me lay out why I am positive on Bitcoin.

The number one thing that I like about Bitcoin and why I believe its price can skyrocket higher is that it is the very first all-digital asset. It was conceived digitally. It was made digitally. It is distributed digitally. It is the very first of its kind.

Bitcoin: Digital Gold

If you look in human society, things that are first that are accepted and adopted tend to have the greatest value, keep value and continue to gain value and rise in price. That, in many ways, is the beginning of Bitcoin.

Then when you look at it from the perspective of Bitcoin’s properties, Bitcoin has three properties that make it a far better store of value than the vast majority of things we currently use as a store of value. I’m talking about things like gold, precious metals and various assets like that.

Or for that matter, the vast majority of the world’s currencies. I will say the U.S. dollar for the most part has been a fairly good currency. However, when you go look around the world, the vast majority of currencies are terrible. Over time, almost all of them go to zero and lose their purchasing power.

That means that people in those countries have no way to store their value. So that is the second reason for why I believe that Bitcoin is going to continue to get people to come and buy it. As they come and buy it, they are going to bid it up.

As a store of value there are several things that make Bitcoin really appealing and more appealing than gold. Some of you might know that I refer to Bitcoin as digital gold. The number one thing is that it’s finite. There’s only 21 million Bitcoin that can ever be mined.

Right now, we are at about 18.4 million Bitcoin that have been mined. It’s going to take an additional 20 years or so because of the way Bitcoin is set up to be halved and mined for the remaining number of Bitcoin to be mined. It’s finite, unlike gold where a small, but additional amount is added to the system every year.

Portability is Key

Second to that, Bitcoin is portable. Any person can buy Bitcoin, certainly in the United States, either through the Cash App, Robinhood app, Coinbase or any other number of exchanges that allow you to buy it. And you can carry it just on your phone. You don’t need to carry it in a brick form as in a gold bar.

It is much more portable and much more practical to carry it around. We’ve already seen any number of people fleeing regimes, whether it be in Venezuela or Iran, have used Bitcoin as a store of value to take their wealth and flee. It is much more practical and usable as a way of storing wealth and taking it.

So we have two things. One, it’s finite in a really complete and permanent way. Second, it is much more portable. The third thing about Bitcoin that makes it a usable and desirable asset is that it’s much more divisible than something like gold. Bitcoin is divisible to eight digits.

For example, in countries around the world where their currencies are worth very little. They can buy tiny amounts of Bitcoin. As a result, a lot of people, whether it be in Nigeria, Argentina or other places like that, can buy Bitcoin in small amounts and store their value. Even with the extraordinary volatility of Bitcoin, it has been a far better store of value than those currencies.

Why Does Bitcoin’s Halving Matter?

Today, what is going to happen is that people who mine Bitcoin — by “mine” I mean you are essentially making Bitcoin by doing this mathematical puzzle using very fast computers and computer chips.

The reward for mining Bitcoin used to be 12.5 Bitcoin. Today, at about 2 p.m., it’s going to get halved. That’s why it’s called The Halving. It’s going to be 6.25. There will be another Halving in another four years where it will once again be halved to 3.125. Then there will be additional Halvings until there are no more Bitcoin to be mined.

Why does this matter if you own Bitcoin? If I am right and the demand for Bitcoin is going to, at the very least stay consistent, but I believe it’s actually going to rise because there are a lot of people around the world that would like to use it as a store of value. Frankly, even in the United States there are a lot of people using Bitcoin to speculate with or as a store of value.

That is only increasing as a number of the millennial generation and gen Z are far more likely to buy Bitcoin than to ever buy gold or any of these other old stores of value assets. The demand, I believe, is going to increase.

With that, and only half the amount coming in to supply, I believe what you are going to see is that as demand comes in there’s going to be a lot of buying pressure to push that price higher and higher. Very credible people who were early into Bitcoin have put out price targets of as much as $250,000 in a couple years.

Ian and I personally believe we are going to see a new high this year and then for it to get to about $50,000 sometime this year and then move past that. Those of you who have been considering going into Bitcoin, I would tell you now is the moment to do it.

In my Profits Unlimited service, we have found a way for you to buy Bitcoin using the stock market. It takes away the complexity of having to open a crypto account and deal with all that stuff. Also, the taxes with Bitcoin can be a little complicated. If you want to get around all that, we have found a way to buy Bitcoin using the stock market.

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I will follow-up on this again next week!


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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