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Bitcoin Dow Update + Your New Opportunity

Bitcoin Dow Update + Your New Opportunity

Bitcoin will enter the Dow in 2021.

That could help push the Dow to 100K this decade.

That’s what I told you in our big prediction series at the beginning of the year.

When one of the 30 Dow companies announce adding the crypto to its balance sheet, prediction .

And earlier this year, there was a rumor Walmart was acquiring bitcoin. It would announce during the first-quarter earnings season.

Well … the first-quarter earnings season came and went, as well as Walmart’s second-quarter announcement too. And no big reveal.

I was just as disappointed as you…

Until something caught my attention.

Now with four months left in the year, I’m thinking my call can still make it off your 2021 Predictions Bingo Card:

bold profits 2021 bingo card

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And better than BINGO — this means your chances at prospering from a rapidly growing new digital industry are strong.

Walmart’s Big Reveal…

This week Walmart unveiled a crypto job posting at its corporate headquarters in Arkansas.

Now I know a job posting doesn’t sound too exciting, and you may be wondering why in the world I am telling you this.

Here’s the kicker: The job is to look at strategies and roadmaps to implement blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies — such as bitcoin — to facilitate payments for its customers.

That is exciting for crypto adoption.

It may sound like nothing, but remember, Walmart employs over two million people and services 265 million people around the world on a weekly basis.

Imagine Walmart rolling out a payment platform for millions of customers using the bitcoin network.

That would be a huge boost for blockchain technology, for bitcoin’s price and making payments easier and more secure for customers.

This announcement comes on the heels of Amazon’s reveal last month, where it advertised another new posting in the digital asset space.

As far as adding bitcoin to its balance sheet, it’s not exactly what I was looking for, but it is a very positive move.

And it’s even better for you.

Bold Profits’ Opportunity for You

The cryptoverse and dawn of the digital Dow always seem to amaze me.

Almost every day, I see new developments happening in the space.

Walmart’s job opportunity was just another great headline to wake up to, which goes to show businesses are rapidly adapting to the new innovative and disrupting technologies forming America 2.0.

Yes, Walmart is in the current Dow. But it is strongly America 1.0, and I’m not recommending it.

Even the old-world can make moves to be more America 2.0, but that’s not where we want to invest. We want the innovators that are already there.

Just like the new-world currency using blockchain technology: crypto.

We even launched a new crypto trading research service in order to offer you a chance at the fantastic gains we were seeing in cryptocurrencies.

After beta testing his trading strategy for more than five months, Ian stepped up to run Crypto Flash Trader.

It’s been live for only a month and already closed out two double-digit wins in mere weeks.

And I’m working with Ian to help find the next winning opportunity.

Crypto is still very new and hasn’t reached its full potential in the slightest.

I’m #BOP (bullish, optimistic and positive) bitcoin is coming for the Dow. And crypto is being adopted all over.

That’s the big opportunity for you today.

If you want to jump on the chance at fantastic gains, click here to enter the cryptoverse now.

Happy investing,

Patrick Goodrich

Patrick Goodrich

Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing

P.S. Remember that 5-month beta test I mentioned? Ian captured 32 consecutive double- and triple-digit gains — $5,000 in each of these trades would have netted you $86,540.

But before that, Ian tested his proprietary crypto strategy on his own. Take a look:

Ian Dyer crypto trades

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