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Bitcoin for Burgers — Next Up, Dow 100K

Bitcoin for Burgers — Next Up, Dow 100K

I’m lovin’ it!


As of September 7 in El Salvador, you can purchase your McDonald’s Happy Meal with bitcoin.

That’s right.

El Salvador became the first country to make bitcoin legal tender.

This means that any Salvadorian business must accept bitcoin as payment for goods and services if a customer wants.

This announcement originally came out in June but went into effect this month. And it officially crosses off one of Paul’s 2021 predictions!

As of writing, El Salvador has bought 700 bitcoins. That’s around $29.4 million, with bitcoin hovering around $42K.

This is exciting news.

As you know, bitcoin entering the Dow Jones is one of my predictions. And this move would help the Dow inch closer to 100K.

The best part of it all is: You don’t have to wait. You can profit from these transformations today! I’ll tell you how…

Make It a Happy Investment Meal

I actually saw the signs for this incredible shift in 2016 on a family vacation to Aruba.

We stopped by a crepe shop that accepted four different currencies:

  1. U.S. dollars.
  2. Euros.
  3. Aruban Florin.
  4. Bitcoin!

That one had me stop and talk to the owner.

If you paid with bitcoin, you received 10% off.

He preferred cryptos because it was easier to send money back to his brother in Europe.

He explained the banks were unreliable at times and charged expensive fees to send cross-border payments.

Now this incredible financial infrastructure is spread throughout El Salvador and its massive corporations, like McDonald’s.

Now it isn’t official yet because McDonald’s has not reported their third-quarter earnings, but I think it’s likely my prediction comes true when they announce their results in early November.

Remember, I think one of the Dow Jones companies will announce they’re holding bitcoin on their balance sheet this year just like the Aruban crepe owner.

This would mean bitcoin has entered the Dow, which I believe will help propel the index to six figures.

And McDonald’s may just be that company to make the first move!

Now, that’s an exciting development for America 2.0. But it’s even better for you.

Bitcoin’s adoption dominos are ready to fall. And it will be clear that bitcoin and crypto are the future.

These are big buyers not looking to sell any time soon but rather accumulate as much as they can by accepting it at their stores.

And you can get ahead of this massive wave of money pilling into crypto…

Bigger Than McDonalds — Worldwide Crypto Adoption

We have tons of options for you to gain exposure to the massive potential in the Fourth Industrial Revolution forming America 2.0.

However, the one that has me the most excited is cryptocurrencies.

You see, bitcoin is becoming the staple leader in the cryptoverse — gaining adoption fast! And we think it still has massive potential this decade.

And one option you have is to buy bitcoin and ride those gains higher.

But here’s another: You can buy lesser-known altcoins that also have huge potential to ride on bitcoin’s coattails as it soars.

Double-digit and even triple-digit moves are happening frequently in the crypto market.

There’s no need to wait and let the crypto wave pass you by.

Check out how you can unlock these crypto recommendations now … before the whole market surges higher.

The news coming out of El Salvador, McDonald’s and a tiny crepe shop in Aruba is only the beginning.

The cryptoverse menu continues to grow with the chef’s kiss of opportunities!

And next up … Dow 100K!

Happy investing,

Patrick Goodrich

Patrick Goodrich

Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing

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