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Biggest Market Mistake on Coronavirus Dip

Biggest Market Mistake on Coronavirus Dip

This weekend, many of you reached out via Twitter wanting to know my take on the coronavirus effect on the markets.

My response:

There’s no need to panic.

But there is one big mistake to avoid right now.

Back in Q4 2018, I asked my readers to keep Strong Hands. Strong Hands means holding through the dips and not being pummeled by fear.

I know it’s hard, but stocks will never, ever, go up in a straight line. It takes strength, fortitude and tenacity to hold on for big gains.

Now is a time for Strong Hands.

But if you sold … if you got out of the market to avoid volatility and you’re waiting for the perfect moment to get back in, I am telling you that moment is NOW.

You see, the biggest mistake investors make in buying stocks is waiting until the dust settles to get back in. They think the markets will wait. That is never the case. Markets anticipate.

All my research shows coronavirus has peaked and markets will be anticipating good news. Right now marks the perfect moment for a rebound.

Check out this week’s Market Talk to see why the market will turn sooner than later and how to prepare now:

Don’t let the big coronavirus sell-off scare you out of the market.

This situation is creating a perfect environment for buyers. I’ll show you how to spot the signs of a rebound here.

(Editor’s Note: With the coronavirus panic in the markets, we’ve opened a window for you to check out Paul’s Rebound Profit strategy. It can show you how to take advantage of this moment. Take a look to see his proven method for making incredible profits off of “failing” stocks.)

Market Talk March 2, 2020

Somehow, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s comments reassured traders. But lower rates are a sign of trouble. And there are reasons to start watching for a Fed panic.Amber was unable to make this week’s Market Talk, but she will be back next week.

There is only one thing on everyone’s mind this week: Coronavirus or COVID-19. It’s all I see on the news and I spent some time this weekend on Twitter, responding to comments about the virus.

Coronavirus is what everyone is thinking about. So, let’s examine the Coronavirus and its effect on the market.

Last week the stock market went down in excess of roughly 12%, it could have been more or less depending on the index you follow.

There is a lot of fear and a lot of panic out there right now.

I also believe there is a lot of misleading information being put out there to cause fear and panic.

Dr. Drew was on Fox recently and he said, “Essentially the entire problem we are having is due to panic, not the virus. We have six deaths from the coronavirus, 18,000 from the flu. Why isn’t the message, ‘Get your flu vaccine'”? [1]

Number one, I want to let everyone know I am still bullish, I am still optimistic and I am still positive.

I still believe the America 2.0 is going to continue.

I want to make that loud and clear.

We still like our stocks in our services.

If we plan to change any of our positions, if we want you to do anything with them, we will let you know.

We get emails every day and I’m getting tweets all the time asking if I’m still bullish, optimistic and positive.

The answer to each of those is yes, yes and yes.

Buy Low Sell High, Remember That!

America 2.0 flag digital marketsI am still bullish, still optimistic and still positive on America 2.0.

Here is why.

When you look at the underpinnings of this market boom that’s still going, despite what happened with the stock market last week, nothing has changed.

You know if you’ve been with me, us and our team, our motto is strong hands. We came up with strong hands during one of these periods like we are going through right now.

It was in 2018 and we were being pummeled, every day it seemed like, with fears of a recession, a crisis or a crash.

Many people sold.

I can tell you I have received hundreds of emails from people writing me to say they regretted it.

You know what eventually happened. The stocks rebounded.

The America 2.0 bull market, which we had not yet coined it, was in play back then.

It’s still in play now.

We also went through the trade war fears in early 2019.

People have almost forgotten. Remember the trade war?

The trade war was going to cause a bear market, a crisis and a crash.

Once again, we asked you to have strong hands and hold your stocks through the volatility. We believe that this America 2.0 bull market and Fourth Industrial Revolution bull market is still on.

It’s 100% on. The drivers of it are still in place.

What are the drivers? What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

It’s the coming cultural, technological and environmental change in The U.S.

It’s an explosive point where not one, not two, not even three, but many megatrends come together and boost one another.

One megatrend can lead to a nice bull market.

If you have what we have going, five, six, seven or more megatrends to come, now you have the recipe for a massive boom.

That’s America 2.0.

However, it is never and will never be a straight line.

There will always be ups, there will always be downs. There will be in-betweens.

You will need some tenacity, courage, fortitude, trust and some conviction to get the big gains. Those folks who left in 2018 probably never came back in. They missed out on the big run that happened in 2019.

The folks who left in 2019 because of the trade war never came back in.

Right now, given the size of the move last week, another bunch of people have exited out. They will wait until everything looks just right.

I said this in last week’s video as well.

I believe the vast majority of panic and fear is in the markets. Don’t give into fear. When the market drops, you should see that stocks are now on sale!

Money Flows Towards Strong Hands

When the markets to go down 11%, that is the perfect moment for a rebound.

(I want to mention a service of ours called Rebound Profit Trader, a stock advisory services that uses option trades to benefit from rebounds. This is a phenomenal service that my colleague and friend Ian Dyer and I run together.)

In regards to this market. I want to make it clear that I am still bullish, optimist and positive.

Not just as a reaction to what has happened, but because the underlying factors are still there.

When you look at the numbers, 90% of all coronavirus infections are in China. And 95% of all coronavirus deaths are all in China. It is a fairly small number that is outside of China.

I believe and I tweeted that if Italy, Iran, South Korea and the United States get together and do the right thing and limit the spread of this, we are going to have good news sooner rather than later.

A lot of people want to believe the bad news, but I believe we can have good news on this sooner rather than later.

But here’s the thing. Most people don’t understand this simple investing truth. Listen up because this is important. Most people think the markets will wait until the news to recover.

No. That’s not the way it works.

Market anticipate.

So the moment what I’m telling you starts to become understood and appreciated, people will start to buy. Before you know it, stock prices will be bid up and there will be a recovery in place.

Those folks who sold will miss out. If you have no stocks, you will not benefit.

Again, I am bullish, I am optimistic, I am positive.

#BOP as I put it on Twitter all the time.

Stay in our stocks, stay positive.



Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

[1]: Dr. Drew: Media-driven panic over coronavirus is a bigger problem than the virus

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