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Bigger Than Tesla? Paul’s 2021 Super Battery Prediction

Today there are 1 million electric cars in America alone.

And thanks to this “super battery” … that number is expected to soon grow to 21 million.

Well, we wanted to hear from one of those drivers — Paul Mampilly. Here’s what he had to say:

Here’s a picture of me the day I bought my Tesla. 

It’s an incredible car.

With it … I can go from 0 to 60 mph … in less than four seconds. And it’s almost completely silent. It hardly makes a sound.

I can drive over 300 miles without charging … just as I can with any gasoline car.

Except I don’t have to pay for a single drop of gas.

It’s the absolute best car I have ever owned.

But get this…

In the next 12 months, he believes his Tesla will be as outdated as the Model T.

And it’s happening because of a new battery. This innovation could send a Tesla across the country nearly four times — on a single charge!

It’s more powerful than any electric vehicle battery available today.

It’s 25x times more powerful.

What does this mean?

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