Big News
Upgrades for All Our Services!

r--rosenthalOver the past several years, Dan Rosenthal, Chuck de Castro and I have been looking for a way to give you an even better experience — bigger profits, stronger research and safer investments.

A way to give you MORE of what you have … but even better.

And at one point two years ago, when we first learned about a brilliant news anchor and investment analyst by the name of Jeff Yastine, we thought we had it.

Jeff Yastine is one of those guys who is the full package. He’s met and knows nearly everyone that matters in the financial world — from Steve Forbes to Warren Buffett.

And he has a track record of successful trading that makes most people drool.

But Jeff decided to join a small group of entrepreneurs who started their own company, called Banyan Hill Publishing.

We read the comments from his subscribers. There were thousands of letters and emails. Here’s just a sampling …

Made $26,000. Keep them coming” one stated.

I’d be lost without you” said another

A third was a brokerage statement showing how one man had made nearly a million dollars — just in one year.

I was impressed.

I knew all along he was doing very well for his subscribers. Jeff had used his contacts to recruit some of the world’s top investment experts to his business, but until that moment, I had not realized exactly how well he was doing.

Take a close look, and I think you will see the same thing I saw.

With just one exception, every single one of his publications is delivering gains and many are delivering large ones.

Overall, his company has made up to 1,218% in annual gains.

Then, we made him an offer of a lifetime. “How would you like to join forces?” we asked. “We could give our readers even better service if we work together.”

And just like that, we started mapping out how we could bring our companies together.

Today I’m proud to announce that it’s a done deal:

We are joining forces with
Banyan Hill Publishing

Our single most important goal: To give you an even better opportunity to make a lot of money, safely.

In other words, to upgrade your service in a way that continues to give you all the guidance you’ve learned to expect from us … and then gives you much, much more.

You will continue to get follow-ups on every single stock, penny stock, ETF or option in our model portfolios.

Plus, you will also get the best of everything Jeff and his company provide.

So …

Exactly What Does This Mean for You?

Upgrades. Lots and lots of upgrades.

Our goal from day one has been to give you better products, more profits, and more joy in what you get … and I think we did just that.

We will cover the same topics … only better.

We’ll give you similar investment recommendations … only better

We’ll provide the same expertise … only better. 

I’m truly thrilled about everything you will be getting moving forward.

Coming Tomorrow at 10 AM
Our Most Important Email of the Year
Topic: “Your Service Upgrades!”

We’ll tell you more about your upgrades to your subscription(s) in a special email tomorrow morning. So be sure to check your inbox.

The time will be: 10:00 AM Eastern Time 

The topic will be: Your Service Upgrades!

As you can see, this is, indeed a great change, a true milestone for me and Dan personally.

And, if you take full advantage of these upgrades, it could be an even bigger milestone for you.

But it’s just the beginning. As we continue to work together, we will be doing some truly remarkable things. I’ll tell you more about them soon.

Better yet, wait for tomorrow’s email. I am quite certain it will answer all the questions you may have.

Bob Czeschin
with Dan and Chuck