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Big Banks Are Wrong: NOW’s the Time to Buy Cryptos!

Big Banks Are Wrong: NOW’s the Time to Buy Cryptos!

Bitcoin’s been making all-time highs, but you wouldn’t know that based on some of the headlines coming out right now.

Just this week, I came across a soon-to-be-contradicted article from Guggenheim Partners saying that bitcoin has already reached its 2021 top:

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I say NO WAY!

All this talk is really a way to convince Strong Hands investors like you to let fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) take over.

But Paul and I believe that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have much further to go in 2021 and beyond, as we predicted earlier this month.

Right now is actually the BEST time to buy cryptocurrencies — with big banks and the media talking it down, I believe that means it’s an indication of a great buying opportunity!

Check out this week’s IanCast and find out more about why there’s never been a better time to buy cryptos like bitcoin and Ethereum:


Ian Dyer

Ian Dyer

Editor, Rapid Profit Trader

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