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Best Semiconductor Buy for 2 Disruptions in America 2.0

Best Semiconductor Buy for 2 Disruptions in America 2.0

Update — It’s “digital steel” for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

And it’s going to be bigger than any America 1.0 investment.

Semiconductors — chips for short — will be a big player in the coming bull market. And I want to make sure you have this one for your portfolio.

The global semiconductor industry is worth about $621 billion today. But it’s projected to shoot higher.

The chip industry is going to hit $831.5 billion by 2024!

Semiconductors will disrupt everything — making even everyday tasks more efficient.

Now is the time to buy chips for the coming America 2.0 transformative years. Keep reading for an update on your digital steal chip pick!

Story Highlights:

  • America 1.0 is being disrupted. And semiconductors are leading the charge for two industries.
  • Paul believes one trend is fairly known, but there’s one you might not be thinking about creating the “last mile.”
  • The best chip stocks you can buy today.

Americans will not be stopped! And they will not slow down!

This is true for many things, but today I’m referring to shopping.

When stores shut down and people started staying in, Americans embraced the America 2.0 upgrade.

They took to the internet for almost all shopping needs and wants.

But that’s not all…

Shopping online means people are driving less.

And today I want to tell you about the industry driving two BIG trends that most consumers don’t know about.

I’m talking about robotic semiconductor chips. These tiny devices are among the most profitable mega tech industries at the heart of America 2.0

If you’re not familiar with it, Paul Mampilly coined the term “Disruptification.”

Disruptification happens when a new technology or trend makes something easier … more efficient. Essentially, it disrupts something and gives it an upgrade.

And now is the time for it.

America 1.0 is being disrupted every day, and that means you can profit from it.

Which is why I’m going to tell you how to buy into two semiconductor-chip disruptions today.

Chip Disruptification No.1: E-Shopping Boom

Personally, over the past six months I’ve noticed two important changes in my daily life:

  1. I drive my car less.
  2. My doorbell rings more with online home deliveries.

I’m not alone.

According to a study by KPMG, many Americans are driving less and shopping more online in recent months.

The KPMG study estimates that current events have “…accelerated powerful behavioral changes…”

This mega change is setting up one America 2.0 industry with a potential windfall.

The whole Bold Profits team couldn’t stop talking about this during our weekly investment team call.

As people continue to shop online, many brick-and-mortar stores will become less prominent and exist on a much smaller scale.

So much so that, U.S. e-commerce sales are projected to reach $476.5 billion in 2024, a nearly 40% jump from 2019, Statista reports:

This change facilitates several new tech shifts, which is America 2.0 in action.

Paul believes semiconductors will definitely fast-track more online shopping, but that’s kind of known.

You can see how chips help shoppers find items, remember recent orders and even recommend related items that may be useful based on your shopping habits.

But here’s one semiconductor-chip change you might not see coming.

Chip Disruptification No. 2: Robotic Driverless Delivery Revolution

In our Bold Profits investing realm, semiconductor chips will bring forth the last mile delivery by robotics.

You see, a robot is ultimately a computer on wheels. That’s what a Tesla is. It has a bunch of semiconductor chips onboard.

Paul explained it like this:

That’s the semiconductor industry in play. If you are going to see acceleration, you are going to see a lot more chips being bought to support the last mile robotic delivery market.

We’re talking about driverless delivery systems. Robotaxis that can deliver all your shopping needs or take you anywhere you need to go.

Paul recently explained in an issue of Profits Unlimited how the AI-robotics industry is going to shape driverless delivery. He even named a company heading the revolution. See his presentation here.

According to Market Study Report, the $14 billion global delivery robot market is projected to move higher over the next seven years.

It’s forecast to reach $54 billion by 2027, growing at an 18.2% compound annual growth rate:

Buy Semiconductor-Chip Stocks Now for America 2.0 Disruptifications

A few weeks back in a recent Bold Profits article, I noted an upcoming boom in the U.S. semiconductor industry that will drive sales revenues sky-high.

The global semiconductor industry is worth about $621 billion today and is forecast to grow to $831.5 billion by 2024:

This tells us that last mile robotics and semiconductor chips are a grand partnership in the making.

With these two massive Disruptifications on the rise, the time to get in for profits is now.

I recommended buying the VanEck Vectors Semiconductor ETF Trust (Nasdaq: SMH)

This exchange-traded fund (ETF) invests in the largest and most liquid companies listed in the U.S., which are active in the semiconductor sector.

As the technological world innovates to adjust to our new way of daily life, robotics and chips will play a lead role in that transformation.

Paul and the Bold Profits team are bullish, optimistic and positive (#BOP) on this technological change.

And we’re here for you as your America 2.0 guides with our eyes on new and exciting ways to profit.

Until next time,

Amber Lancaster

Amber Lancaster

Director of Investment Research, Banyan Hill Publishing

P.S. The driverless revolution I told you about today is going to be made possible in America 2.0 through AI — artificial intelligence. But that’s not the only area it will disrupt. This mega trend is set to explode into a $15.7 trillion industry. This tech is not just for big industry names. It’s for you. And it has HUGE potential. To see all the details — including action you can take today for as little as $50 — click here.

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