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Best 2020 Bets for “Secret Boom” Market Rally

Best 2020 Bets for “Secret Boom” Market Rally


Not on our watch!

Here at Bold Profits, we see a growing housing market, rising production and amazing tech innovations making a real difference.

Better yet, we’re seeing disruption.

This is creating a secret boom. And with it comes plenty of opportunities to profit in today’s market. Some of these include:

  • Three incredible new mega trend stocks leading the new energy revolution. (Hint: Tesla is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this tech.)
  • One company set to rise 34% by 2023 and become a leader in the $75 billion pet economy.
  • A new cloud kitchen play to capitalize on the 943% industry growth that is modernizing restaurants all over the world.

Throughout this week, our Bold Profits Daily gurus kept these opportunities at the forefront. Keep reading to see their anti-doom-and-gloom insights and recommendations this week.

Week in Review

Monday, September 23: This week, Paul Mampilly and Amber Lancaster want you to “Hold That Recession!” Recent articles on MarketWatch and other mainstream media sites may tout doom and gloom in the coming months, but the Bold Profits team has a different, more positive outlook. Click here to watch and find out more.

Tuesday, September 24: Paul explains the 3 Ways Batteries Are Charging up a New Energy Revolution. At this year’s Total Wealth Symposium, Paul revealed the one tech on the verge of changing energy as we know it. It’s cost-effective, takes advantage of wind and solar energy’s growing popularity and can be applied to any and every form of transportation imaginable. Click here to learn more.

Wednesday, September 25: Amber reveals how you can Tap the 943% New-World Restaurant Tech Bonanza. Cloud kitchens are sweeping the nation and disrupting old-world kitchens. Could this be the death of restaurants? This industry is set to grow from $35 billion in 2018 to $365 billion by 2030. Click here for the best way to play this rising trend before the market takes off.

Thursday, September 26: Nick Tate shares your pet pics and gives you the No. 1 Stock to Buy for $75 Billion Pet Economy. Pet spending in the U.S. exceeds $75 billion a year — a figure that will grow by double digits over the next three to five years. Click here to find out how to turn this growing pet mega trend into profits for your portfolio.

Friday, September 27: Ian Dyer provides the most important info for his Earnings Prediction, Plus a New Mega Money Trend. Right now, big banks run the world. But all that is about to change. The disruption of big banks will be huge and loud, and it’s happening now! Click here to watch and find out the best place to put your money when the multitrillion-dollar global banking industry transforms.


Your Bold Profits Team

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