The Future of the U.S. Dollar

The future isn't so bright for the U.S. dollar

The dollar has been the big kahuna around the globe for decades, ever since global leaders converged on a hotel in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, in the summer of 1944 and established the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. As Americans, we’ve benefited from having the one currency that every other country has to hold in reserve and use for most of its global transactions.

But what happens when the dollar loses that top spot? And that is a when, not an if. What happens when that strength starts to fade and the dollar doesn’t stretch as far as it used to? That, too, is a when, not an if.

I’ve got a way for you to diversify your wealth so that you’re not trapped by the dollar collapse as well as a way to take advantage of a growth opportunity.

The dollar’s days in the sun are drawing to a close and it’s critical that you act now to leverage the greenback’s current strength.

Over the past several months, Investment Director Jeff Opdyke has outlined to readers the fate of the U.S. dollar. The truth is, the currency is headed for a reversal that promises to be significant. The dollar has enjoyed a stellar run higher in recent years, with the U.S. Dollar Index gaining close to 30% from its May 2014 lows to its March peak. This is a massive rally in the currency world.

But the conditions that carried the dollar to those lofty heights are deteriorating and the greenback is facing some issues that are set to end its dominance. We are looking at:

  • A Fed unable to raise interest rates. I know we’ve all got our hearts set on Fed Chair Yellen boosting interest rates significantly and regularly, but the truth is the Fed simply can’t without completely derailing the questionable recovery that we have enjoyed in U.S. and without roiling global economies.
  • A fiscally unsound economic policy. America is drowning in $18 trillion in debt and the government’s spending remains out of control. U.S. consumers owe another $17 billion in debts. A country’s currency is a reflection of the country’s fiscal health and soon enough the dollar is going to reflect just how poor America’s finances really are.
  • The end of the dollar as the reserve currency for the world. China and Russia are building institutions and creating deals that will allow them to transact without going through the dollar, reducing global demand for the greenback. Other countries are jumping onboard, including some of our closest allies. It’s a glaring indication that the world is tired of a single reserve currency that offers one country outsized benefits while at the same time hurting other countries.

These factors are going to drive the dollar lower against many of the currencies around the globe.

But you don’t have to be left out in the cold.

By leveraging the strength of the dollar now, you can take advantage of undervalued opportunities that are not only poised to rally under their own strength, and also benefit from the coming dollar collapse.

Overlooked and Undervalued

Jeff called a special Emergency Summit last night to explain to readers his outlook for the U.S. dollar as well as the best way to take advantage of this power shift in the currency world. Jeff’s boots-on-the-ground research has enabled him to find widely overlooked and significantly undervalued companies that Wall Street simply isn’t paying attention to. He has identified a unique opportunity for investors that is not only a sound investment but will gain as the dollar retreats.

If you missed last night’s Emergency Summit, click on the image below to listen.

Profit at the Peak

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Jocelynn Smith
Sr. Managing Editor, Sovereign Investor Daily