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Before You Call Bitcoin Dead, Remember This…

Before You Call Bitcoin Dead, Remember This…

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Finally! I pushed that shiny button on my phone and just like that — I bought my first bitcoin.

Well, some. With apps like CashApp, you only need a $1. But a price below $20K seemed like a bargain opportunity I couldn’t refuse.

So. I did it! Turn Your Images On

And then … it instantly (or that’s what it felt like) dropped even more… What the H-E-Double hockey sticks?!

After a few air punches, I came to my senses.

Have you had a moment like this too? 

If so, here’s what I told myself: This is the nature of the beast. Stocks . . . cryptos will rise and fall. Never in a straight line or exactly how we imagine. 

The world seems to be digging a six-foot deep hole to bury bitcoin. 

Not so fast. 

Bitcoin is NOT dead. If you want our opinion — it’s just getting started…

Get your air punches out, then “zoom out.” Keep in mind that bitcoin plummeted to $3,867 in 2020 before surging to $64K a year later.

HODL (hold on for dear life) with Strong Hands! 

Crypto can move in a flash ⚡! 

But that means there are also some amazing opportunities out there — less-known smaller altcoins that can move up even faster with bitcoin…

IF you know where to look.

That’s where Ian Dyer comes in.

He’s the most informed and savvy crypto analyst I know.

This is the perfect time to get started. Because Ian says this downturn is about to lead to a ton of new opportunities.

Watch this for the full story about Ian’s crypto trading strategy.

Then you can face down the bear with confidence, knowing you have a certified bear-fighter at your side.

Click here to get started.

Be #BOP on Bitcoin and Growth

Live long and prosper,

Jaclyn Frakes-Jones

Your Friendly Neighborhood Editor, Bold Profits Confidential


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