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Beat the Market 3-to-1 by Breaking the “Wall of Worry”

Editor’s Note: Wow! I had to jump in again today. It’s Paul and I just got word that we’ve already crushed our 1 million in one week goal!! Not only that, we’ve DOUBLED it. We’re past 2 million! Thank you Strong Hands Nation!

Our message is going viral. I say we keep up the momentum and go for a triple. I mean if we can beat the market 3-to-1, we can do it here too. Three million views in one week! Are you up for the challenge?

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Your determination is incredible! Our Nation has never been stronger and it’s going to keep growing with your help! And I promise we’re going to keep bringing it for YOU!

— Paul Mampilly

Story Highlights:

  • Now is not the time to buy into fear.
  • The secret sauce driving the Dow Jones to 100,000 and how you can get in now while it makes the climb!
  • Have you met my rich friend Paul? Check out this hilarious three-minute video.

Bullish. Optimistic. Positive. Strong.

These are the emotions behind our investments.

But at Bold Profits, we don’t let our emotions dictate our trades … we let strategy.

And you should too.

Think of the 2020 roller coaster we’ve been in!

If you let emotions and fear lead your investment decisions, you’ll never make money in the stock market — certainly not the Dow when it hits our 100,000 prediction.

Emotional investing builds a hidden element many may not consider — It’s called the “Wall of Worry.”

I’ll show you why you need to break down that wall today and turn to strategy instead.

By using Paul’s No.1 fearless strategy in his flagship service Profits Unlimited, we’ve beat the market 3-to-1.

That’s because we pick stocks that are going up in America 2.0 and leaving America 1.0 in the dust. And now is the time to add these stocks to your portfolio…

Cash Is About to Flood Into America 2.0 Stocks

As I’m writing this, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is still below its all-time high.

A combination of pessimism and America 1.0 stocks are dragging it down. That’s why since its inception in 2016, Paul’s America 2.0-focused Profits Unlimited portfolio is tripling the current Dow:

Don’t let this chart deter you. Remember this is based on the current Dow. Once it sheds its America 1.0 stocks, it’s going to rocket up along with the Profits Unlimited picks we find.

This year, fear has Wall Street and the mainstream financial media spreading doom and gloom … building up the Wall of Worry.

The first thing you can do is ignore it and hold your America 2.0 positions.

What’s happening is very typical behavior for the start of a massive bull run!

You see back in March when many stocks fell, investors were dumping their shares and holding on to cash.

Cash feels safe for people to hold. It acts as an emotional buffer during times of volatility.

So, it’s no surprise to see 2020 is a record cash year. Investors tossed $4.6 trillion into money market (mutual) funds, which are made up of mostly cash:

This is a ton of cash sitting on the sideline!

Now, this is actually a great thing for you.

Stocks like to climb the Wall of Worry.

As the markets rebound, more people will start to put more and more of that cash into America 2.0 stocks — your stocks that we’ve been recommending.

As the desire to jump on the gain train sets in, it will push your stock prices up even further.

I believe this very situation will happen with the Dow — ultimately taking it to 100,000!

Here at Bold Profits, we tell our readers to have Strong Hands.

Strong Hands means having the strength, fortitude and courage to stay in the game even when the naysayers are screaming sell!

You know that stocks never rise or fall in a straight line. But we use Paul’s superstar strategy called GoingUpness to guide us through any market weather.

If a stock has GoingUpness, we don’t panic sell on down days. We keep our Strong Hands and it pays off massively.

As Paul mentioned in Monday’s Bold Profits Daily, Tesla Inc. is a prime example. It plummeted to $350 in March.

We held tight and now the stock is making new highs — up past $1,600 today.

Your Strong Hands Will Win Over The Wall of Worriers

If you look at the Dow back in March it reached a bottom, which means there are no sellers left, or all the weak hands are done.

That leaves only Strong Hands investors.

Since these Strong Hands investors are not selling and just holding, then there is no more selling pressure. Just demand for the stock.

But since no one is willing to sell at these low prices … buyers that really want in are forced to push the price up to find a willing seller at that point.

Strong Hands investors get the added benefit of ScarceAbility.

This element of GoingUpness simply means the number of shares available to buy is down — making it scarce.

ScarceAbility plus the flow of cash moving back into America 2.0 stocks is a perfect recipe for stock prices to soar.

My belief is: America 2.0 stocks will eventually replace the current Dow stocks sending it soaring to 100K!

When that happens, you’ll see more of Paul’s Profits Unlimited stocks in the Dow.

Our America 2.0 trades will continue to climb the Wall of Worry — leading you to huge profits.

And as a bonus, we’ve figured out another way to break through the Wall of Worry … with a little humor.

We want you to know that America 2.0’s future is bright. We want to spread the word across the world that the Main Street bull market is on! And you can get in now.

To do that, we’ve made a pretty hilarious three-minute video for Profits Unlimited. I can’t stop watching it and it definitely gives me a #BOP attitude under Paul’s leadership.

Watch it here and then please share it with everyone you know! Here’s the link you can copy:

Happy investing,

Patrick Goodrich

Patrick Goodrich

Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing

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