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Be Bold … This Bull Market Is Yours

Be Bold … This Bull Market Is Yours

There’s a story circulating out there that I absolutely LOVE.

It shows the stock market and its investors are changing.

Main Street folks like you, from all walks of life — mom and pop investors that have been in for decades to KIDS trading on the apps during school — are taking part in this bull market.

This has never happened before.

In the past, Main Street investors have been locked out of bull markets until it’s too late.

But not this time!

America 2.0 is transforming the market and the stocks are too small for the Big Money.

This is your time. And our stocks are tailored for this exact moment. To boldly set yourself up for the best Main Street bull market, watch this:

I want to give you a little update on the stock market because if you go on YouTube, MarketWatch, Yahoo! Finance or any of these websites there’s a lot of people telling you that this stock market is disconnected from reality, that there is a crash coming or there is some gigantic problem.

A Market for Main Street Investors

The truth is, none of that is true. In fact, I believe this is the best bull market for one particular set of investors who have had very little opportunity to profit for some time now. This is a phenomenal market for one set of investors and that is Main Street investors.

In other words, small investors, mom-and-pop investors, retail investors, even kid investors. I’m sure many of you have seen these stories about kids using the Robinhood app to trade stocks in school. There’s even some stories about some schools apparently even banning the Robinhood app to stop these kids from actual trading.

I think that’s a terrible idea. These kids are well informed because kids today have access to the internet. Kids who are interested in the stock market, finance and trading are learning about trading through YouTube and following stocks through Twitter and any number of different ways.

The Transition from America 1.0 to America 2.0

In addition to that, I bet the thing that really bothers the people who show up on CNBC or Yahoo! Finance or MarketWatch is that the kids are totally beating out all these so-called “sophisticated” investors who are locked out and left out. They are wondering why whatever it is they know or have done in the past is not working.

I believe the reason for that is really something I talk about all the time. It’s America 2.0. There’s a massive transition going on between America 1.0, which are older, established companies with balance sheets that look the way these older investors want them to look and sales and earnings look the same way.

Then there’s America 2.0, which is just generally made up of much smaller companies, more innovative companies, products and services that cater to younger demographics like millennials and gen Z. These companies have come about more recently.

The thing that makes this market so great for you and makes it a Main Street bull market is that these companies are so small, if you are a big asset management company, a hedge fund or some sovereign wealth fund from Norway, largely you are locked out because these companies are too small for you to invest in.

A company that is even $10 billion or $15 billion in terms of stock market value, while big for you and me, for a company that’s managing $100 billion, $200 billion or $1 trillion, they can barely put any money into that. That means this opportunity set is largely only available for you Main Street investors, mom-and-pop investors, retail investors and kid investors.

I believe this bull market is a fantastic one because it rewards people who have not been able to make much money in the stock market for probably 18 years, since the 2000 market. This is a fantastic market.

While many people will tell you this is a terrible sign and it’s a contrarian sign, I believe the opposite. America 2.0 stocks are associated with the great megatrends of our time: Internet of Things, blockchain, artificial intelligence, robotics and so many others associated with those, including crypto and many other things.

Younger Generations Are Shaping the Economy

Also with the demographic wave of the millennial generation and gen Z coming of age, their preferences and choices are becoming what our economy becomes about. For that, these are the companies that really are set up for that. These are the companies that are rising the fastest.

That’s because mom-and-pop investors can participate. As they come in, the stocks of these companies are rising. I believe it can go on for some period of time because eventually they will get big enough and their businesses will be big enough that the big investors with their hundreds of billions and trillions will come to buy.

That will be another leg to this bull market. No market goes up in a perfect straight line. There will always be ups and downs.


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

P.S. This is going to be the greatest bull market in our history. And the best news? It’s YOURS for the taking. I’m calling it a Main Street bull market. And our America 2.0 stocks have the potential to bring mind-blowing gains. Be bold … bet on America today.

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