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Banyan Hill’s NEW App: Get Your Trades Faster

Banyan Hill’s NEW App: Get Your Trades Faster

Today, we’ve got something special just for you!

You know we’re all about innovation and new world technology … and today, we are innovating our communications with YOU!

You see, we just launched an app.

You know those cool buttons on your smartphone that let you do all sorts of things like track your schedule, play games and follow us on Twitter?

Now we have our very own Banyan Hill app that we’re sharing with you first.

This app will revolutionize the way you receive trade alerts, updates and Bold Profits Daily recommendations … maybe even FASTER than having to check your email.

Amber’s created a fantastic, step-by-step video to show you how to navigate this new feature — from downloading, to logging in, to setting up notifications.

Don’t worry. You’ll still get our emails the way you always have, but this app is your one-stop-shop for all things Bold Profits. We’re excited for you to try it out!

See exactly how to get started today:

How to Use the New Banyan Hill App: Demonstration

Hello Banyan Hill Publishing Family! I’m Amber Lancaster, Director of Investment Research here at Banyan Hill’s Bold Profits Division. Today I’m very excited to share details about our newly launched mobile app!

In this how-to video, I’ll show you how to access the app on your smart phone or other smart device. And highlight the great content you can easily access at your fingertips in seconds.  I can tell you, personally, I’ve been using this app for several days now and it’s super convenient.  Once I’m logged in on my smartphone, I simply click the apps’ icon and I quickly have access to our latest issues, trade alerts and investment recommendations.

This app which is available for download on either your android or iOS (apple supported) device is your gateway to easily access all your favorite and important Banyan Hill Publishing content all in one convenient place.

Here at Banyan Hill, we’re all about making investing simple, fun, and profitable and that’s what this mobile app aims to do.

So, let’s get started with the demonstration.

First, go to your smart device’s app store.

From there search for the Banyan Hill app.

Simply type Banyan Hill in the search bar like so.

The app should appear in the dropdown menu.  Please click the name and it will open the apps’ description page. Since I have an iPhone this is what it looks like for me.  Here you can scroll through see the apps rating, age recommendation and category.  See what’s new where version updates are concerned and any recent app fixes.

Then there’s the preview section which highlights the apps content.  Here you’ll get a preview of the app and its contents which is all about giving you investing insights and stock advice.

As you continue scrolling down the page you can select which version of the app you want to download for the particular device you’re using.  In this case you can choose between the iPhone app version or the iPad app version.  Scrolling further, you can read all the details on the app and what it offers users.  Then see its current ratings and reviews.   Once you’re familiar with the app you can then download it to your device (PAUSE).  Since I’ve already downloaded the app to my smart phone, I can just click the open button to view it on my phone.

Once the app is downloaded on your phone it will appear as an icon on your phones home screen, like so.  You can click the app’s icon; it will open and take you to the apps home page.

On this first page you’ll see the trending stories at the top of the page.

Then you can scroll down the page and it will list in date order all our free articles written by our Banyan Hill experts. Lots of articles there.

Now, once you see an article that you want to read, simply click on the title to read the entire article.

Once in the article you’ll see the article’s title, the author the article, how long it will take to read it and the date it was written.   Reading through the article you’ll easily see charts and links to additional content as you’re scrolling through its content.  It’s very easy to navigate, as you can see.

Back at the top of the article’s page you’ll have 4 clickable icons.  The text sizing icon, the star icon, the share icon, and the back to previous page icon.  To enlarge the text size of the article, click text icon.  Here you can increase the text size, reset the text size or decrease the text size.

The star icon allows you to save the article as favorite or un-star the icon to remove the article from your favorites.  The right facing arrow allows you to share or save the article to your device and clicking the left facing arrow take you to the previous page.

Back on the home page, scroll down and click Browse to read about all the experts at Banyan Hill.  Clicking on our photos will take you to a full biography page on each expert and if available their social media pages.

Click the Twitter icon to view their latest tweets, the Facebook icon to view their latest posts and the YouTube icon for all the latest YouTube videos and content.

Further down the expert’s page you’ll have access to all the article they’ve written in one place.  Click through to the article and if there’s video content you play the video on your device instantaneously, like so.

Back under the Browse screen you can also browse by topic.  Topics include Bonds, Budgeting, Commodities, Conferences, Currency, Gold, etc.  In this example, I’ll click stocks.  Here you’ll be able to read the latest stock content articles.

Next up is the premium page.  If you’re a subscriber to Banyan Hill on this page, you’ll have direct access to all the services in which you’re subscribed all on one page.  Very easily accessible all in the palm of your hand.  Next I’ll review the Trade Alerts and Portfolio pages, but first, taking you back on the home screen at the top of that page you’ll see a head and shoulders silhouette.  Clicking on this silhouette will allow you to save our login so you can directly access the app each time without the need to login, there’s also the logout button and information as to what app version you’re running. As we always improving the app with any updates and fixes, always make sure you’re running the latest app.  The app store will let you know if an update is available.

Next up is the trade alerts page.  As a subscriber you’ll also have access to the trade alerts page.

Banyan hill app all trade alerts screenshot

On this page you’ll see the latest trade alerts by service.  To see trade alerts for a specific service, click the dropdown menu bar and select the service you’d like to view. Here you’ll see every trade alert, flash alert and newly published special report issued for that service in date order starting with the most recent alert.  Clicking on a trade alert will bring up the full alerts contents with immediate actions to take.

banyan hill app trade alert service selection menu

banyan hill app all trade alerts by service

The last page and most certainly the most important if you’re a subscriber is the model portfolio page. With this page you’ll access the model portfolios for all your subscribed services while on go.

banyan hill app portfolio all services

On this page you’ll see the active and closed trades for your subscribed services.  You can choose to see all your subscribed publications trades at once or click the drop-down menu to select one service and view its latest active and closed trades.

banyan hill app model portfolio active and closed trades

Using a closed trade example from our monthly newsletter research service, Profits Unlimited, you can click on a specific stock closed trade alert and the app will display the performance chart for the stock, it’s buy price, current price (if applicable), its gain/loss percentage and action to take.

banyan hill app model portfolio service selection menu

In this case it shows the service’s closed shares in Lululemon Athletica on Feb. 1, 2021 for a gain of 244.14%.

sample trade performance banyan hill app LULU

And finally, one of the most convenient features of the app is its instant trade notifications that appear right on our smart devices screen like so. Here’s a recent app notification I received on my phone from Banyan Hill.  This notification tells me the service and subject of the notification. In this case it was a flash alert, alerting me trade action should be taken in one of my subscribed services.

sample trade alert notification banyan hill app

So, that concludes this Banyan Hill app demonstration.  With the Banyan Hill app you can … read thousands of free articles covering the latest developments in technology, health care, precision medicine, cannabis, artificial intelligence, electric vehicles, the internet of things, cryptos and more, learn ways to play them that your broker will never tell you. Access your subscribed model portfolios on the go, stay up to date on all their subscriptions and get instant alerts for easy to understand recommendations you can act on no matter where you are in the world. Until next time take care!


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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