From the Desk of JL Yastine
Editorial Director of Sovereign Investor Daily

I’m excited to announce three new upgrades we are making here at Sovereign Investor Daily as we enter 2017.

Many of these upgrades are a result of feedback from readers like you! (So thanks!)

Upgrade 1: A New Look

The first thing you will notice is the look and feel of the banner on top of our emails. It is now dark blue with a compass to represent our mission to direct investors toward safety and profits.

Upgrade 2: A New Name (and Website)

You may also notice on the bottom right of the banner it says that Sovereign Investor Daily is a “publication of Banyan Hill —”

No, we were not bought out, nor are we a “new” company.

However, we are growing … and in order to meet the needs of our 300,000-plus readers, we decided to change our name and website. The name of our company is now Banyan Hill Publishing, and all of our articles will now be posted on our new website:

(I explain why we chose the name “Banyan Hill” below…)

This new website is much more robust and easier to navigate, especially on your mobile device.

This does not change the content of Sovereign Investor Daily in any way, but rather allows us to communicate with you more effectively.

Upgrade 3: A Second Daily Email

We’ve been adding new financial experts to our team who have powerful insight. And frankly, we haven’t even been able to get their content out to you, despite many of you asking for it.

So, starting next week, you will begin to receive a second email from us around 10 a.m. every weekday.

The new email is called The Winning Investor Daily.

We’ve put a lot of work into this new daily email.

It will have a slightly different format that brings in several editors, charts, quotes, political cartoons and the like.

Our goal is to make it both entertaining and, of course, to make you a winning investor … no matter what the stock market does.

Here’s What I Encourage You
to Do Right Now

I put together a short video that describes why we chose the name Banyan Hill and our mission as one of the world’s fastest-growing financial publishing companies.

Watch the video by clicking the play button below, and then explore our new website …

If you can, send your feedback (both good and bad!) to