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Chad Shoop, CMT
Automatic Profits Alert

Automatic Profits Alert

Automatic Profits Alert

Over the last century, Wall Street insiders have used one investment strategy to build managed assets over $4 trillion. It’s a strategy few beyond the financial elite have ever been able to utilize.

But now, I want to show traders on Main Street how to harness one system that has yielded vast stores of wealth for the top financial institutions in the world.

My stock-trading strategy shows readers just like you how to more than double their initial investment on a stock.

Using my Profit Stacks – groups of stock trades across a multitude of profitable sectors – I’ve devised a system that promises to outperform the usual buy-and-hold approach to stocks.

You see, each sector has a historically profitable period. Just before that period begins, I watch the stocks that make up each sector. Then I send you my recommendations based on the stocks in each sector with the largest potential to pop higher over a span of mere months.

It’s a strategy that yielded countless double-digit winners during the last long bull market … and will continue to find gains in any market!

After all, just like every industry and every company, the stock market goes through cycles. Automatic Profits Alert is built on the notion that every sector of the stock market has a remarkably consistent “prime season” regardless of what is happening in the market. My Profit Stacks simply find the best stocks to trade during these profitable cycles in the stock market.

These prime seasons can be as short as a few weeks or as long as several months.

This strategy doesn’t only offer profit opportunities during a sector’s prime season. I occasionally recommend a way to profit from “inverse” prime seasons in my Profit Stacks — essentially the period when a sector slumps — without shorting a stock. I find the inverse exchange-traded fund (ETF) that I think is the best one for readers, and immediately alert you to it. Investing in one is exactly like investing in a stock. But when a sector — for instance, the oil sector — declines, your investment rises.

Unlike my other financial newsletters, Pure Income and Quick Hit Profits, this strategy doesn’t use options. Automatic Profits Alert readers buy shares of stocks and ETFs and hold them for a relatively short term.

The best part? It requires very little work on your part!

I’ll tell you what to buy, when to buy and when to sell.

With my Profit Stacks, you’ll be well on your way to making market gains with such ease, most financial managers would say it’s not legally possible.

In fact, we guarantee you’ll at least double the stock market’s returns over the next year, and that’s being conservative. You could just as easily triple … quadruple … even quintuple the market’s returns.

Automatic Profits Alert Includes

  • The Profits Stacks Calendar — This calendar reveals all the dates when each Profit Stack starts and ends. I update it in January of each year.
  • Model Portfolio — This online portfolio, which tracks all current positions, is always available to you.
  • 24/7 Members-Only Website Access — I keep all of my latest information on an encrypted website that members can access anytime, anywhere.
  • Trade Alerts — I’ll reach out to you with a new trade recommendation for the best exchange-traded fund or stock to buy in each Profit Stack.
  • Weekly Updates — You’ll also receive regular updates on the moves in your model portfolio and the latest market news affecting our positions.
  • Text Alert Option — Any time I issue a trade alert, we’ll immediately text you so you have the chance to take action as soon as possible.

Join today and start your journey to more profitable investing!


Chad Shoop

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