Your October 2015 Bauman Unplugged Audio Interview and Transcript are Now Available Online

Many people have reasons to want to leave the U.S., or at least to have a second home somewhere else, as I do. I call those “push” factors. But how many of us have a clear grasp of the “pull” factors — the reality of life in a new country, with all the trade-offs and adjustments it entails?

Recently, I spoke with a friend in Montevideo, Uruguay, who has not only helped many U.S. citizens relocate to that country — he also lived in the U.S. for a long time. I asked him some pointed questions about how Americans and Canadians adapt to life in Uruguay. What are the pros and cons? How do locals treat foreigners? What happens if your Spanish is rusty (or even nonexistent)?

To hear our chat, join Juan Federico Fischer and me for the October edition of Bauman Unplugged, available now. (Oh, a P.S. — Juan and I will both be at the Total Wealth Symposium in The Bahamas in mid-October, so be sure to book your spot, if you haven’t already.)


Juan Federico Fischer 
Managing partner, Fischer & Schickendantz
Address: Rincón 487, Piso 4
Montevideo 11000, Uruguay
Tel: +598-2-915-7468, ext. 130
Cell: +598-99-925-106

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