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Your May 2016 Bauman Unplugged Audio Interview and Transcript Are Now Available Online

How would you like to meet four critical financial needs at once — life insurance, investment, retirement income and estate planning — potentially without having to spend a penny?

I thought so. That’s why I decided to tackle the little-known topic of whole-life premium financing. I was actually dumbfounded when I realized what this opportunity really offers … the chance to achieve financial security for yourself and your heirs without having to lay out any cash … or, at least, much less than your returns would suggest.

To get a handle on this unique opportunity, I spoke to Erika Nolan of the 1291 Group of the Americas Ltd., who is a specialist in crafting such deals.

Today’s low interest rates dramatically increase the attractiveness of whole-life premium financing by creating an attractive spread between the cost of borrowing and the return on invested life insurance premiums — so listen in, and, as always, feel free to ask any questions or submit any comments.

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1291 Group of the Americas Ltd.
Sterling House, 16 Wesley Street
Hamilton HM 11, Bermuda

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P.O. Box HM 1029
Hamilton HM EX, Bermuda

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Ted Bauman
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