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Your First Legislative Defense Alert

Welcome to your first Legislative Defense Alert, a special service created exclusively for Freedom Alliance members.

Today, the U.S. government is brazenly robbing its own citizens of their freedom … and their wealth. And with the ineffectual politicians running this country, the situation is only getting worse. Unfortunately, there is little to be heard from the mainstream media on this topic — particularly when it comes to new legislation being passed and the effects it will have on your liberties.

That’s why we’ve decided to resuscitate an older service, the Offshore News Bulletin, and rename it Legislative Defense Alert. Now, instead of updating you on only offshore developments, we’ll alert you when Washington makes any move that stifles your rights or impacts your assets. That includes Supreme Court rulings, dangerous legislation in congressional committees, pending critical votes and more.

We hope you enjoy this service. And remember, we always welcome your comments and suggestions. You can reach us at

Until next time,

Bob Bauman JD
Chairman, Freedom Alliance

Ted Bauman
Editor, Sovereign Confidential