What I’m Thankful For

This holiday season, I’m thankful … for you.

You may have noticed, by reading between the lines of what I write, that I’m not a particularly sentimental guy. I like to look the world square in the eye and focus on what’s really going on. I like a holiday break as much as anyone, but I tend to be a wee bit cautious with my emotional response.

Nevertheless, this year — my first as editor of Sovereign Confidential — I realize that I do have a lot for which to be thankful. I’ve had an interesting life so far. I’ve accumulated a lot of unusual and eye-opening experiences, and they’ve given me some good ideas about how to live a sovereign life.

And based on what you tell me in your letters, those ideas are of value to you … as is the spirit in which they are presented.

Being able to do something I love — write — and have my words prove valuable to others — is something for which I am truly thankful. But it isn’t the writing that creates that result … it’s you.

So thank you!

Of course, we all owe thanks to the team at The Sovereign Society who take my words and turn them into a great product.

But before I leave you for the day, a reminder that The Sovereign Society will be observing Thanksgiving on Thursday and Friday — which means your monthly Bauman Unplugged won’t be in your inbox until after the holidays.

So to everyone involved in Sovereign Confidential … on both sides … my warmest wishes for a happy Thanksgiving.

Kind regards,

Ted Bauman
Editor, Sovereign Confidential