Your Weekly Portfolio Update

In this week’s presentation, I dig deeper into the “sell in May” Wall Street adage.

This popular saying offers valuable insights into seasonal trading strategies, such as the ones we use in Precision Profits. But while seasonality is valuable as a starting point for trading decisions (especially ours), I want to stress that our trades should always be confirmed by price action.

That’s why I explain a simple price-action technique to decide whether it’s a good idea to sell in May. (For those who want to know immediately: This year, it’s not a good idea.)

Of course, I’ve also developed more sophisticated tools for triggering our trades, but I think you’ll see how important it is to consider the price action when deciding buys and sells.

Today, I also update you on our open positions, which rely on those sophisticated seasonal strategies — particularly our trade in Calpine (NYSE: CPN), which has seen some volatility of late.

So let’s get right to your update:

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Once you’re done viewing this webinar, please feel free to let me know what you thought. Did you find this update informative? Do you have any more questions about the portfolio? You can send me your feedback at

That’s all for today, but I’ll be back on Monday with your market update. And keep watch for new profit opportunities as I look to add more positions to the portfolio.


Michael Carr, CMT
Editor, Precision Profits