Watch This Sell-Off Indicator

We just finished up the latest edition of the newsletter, which I’ll send you this week.

I’m excited for you to see what we’re buying this month. As I promised last Sunday, this is a special edition with two new recommendations.

See, I’m concerned about a sell-off in 2018 — and I want you to be prepared. So, we’re exploring two “deep value” ideas among smaller-cap stocks…

One is a profitable cybersecurity company with no debt and lots of cash. It has two hot new products in the field of “identity authentication” that are starting to get picked up by banks and insurance agencies.

The second is an underdog tech company. It dominates its niche by selling advanced digital products to the likes of Cisco Systems, Dell and, really, any company with large data networking needs. It too has little debt and lots of cash.

I see both companies rising 50% — or more — in the next 18 months. So be sure to read this issue when you get the chance.

Also in this week’s webinar:

  • AES (NYSE: AES) — our energy storage and electric utility stock — had been sliding a bit. But the shares rallied sharply higher this week because of insider buying, which is great news for us.
  • Our November recommendatione.l.f. Beauty (NYSE: ELF) reported strong earnings last week, but shares dropped afterward. I said this was the perfect time to buy, and I hope you did. The stock is up more than 4% over the past five days.
  • We’re also taking action today by moving Barracuda Networks (Nasdaq: CUDA) to a hold. The company made an acquisition, and we want to see how this pans out. But rest assured that this stock is still set up for triple-digit gains.

To read the transcript, click here.

Before I sign off, just a quick note about the upcoming week. I’m sure you’re all preparing for Thanksgiving, as I am with my family. I want this to be a week you can sit back and relax as much as possible, so your next weekly webinar will come to you on December 3.

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Jeff L. Yastine
Editor, Total Wealth Insider