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Warning: The Drought is Coming Back

This week, I want to share Chris’s updated winter forecast.

Winter’s grip has been unrelenting this year, and it’s not quite ready to let go. As Chris previously wrote, a polar vortex will hit us next week — with extremes that may top the last one. And that’s not the end of it.

Here’s Chris:

After a cold and snowy November, December was pretty mild. Now, the Great Lakes are freezing over much like they did last winter. As a matter of fact, Lake Erie is almost completely ice covered.

So far, January has been chillier than normal east of the Mississippi River and some of the coldest air of the year is poised to plunge from eastern Canada to the Gulf Coast during the next four weeks.

Along with the cold, at least a dozen storms will dump snow and ice on the eastern half of the country now through February.

The Mid-Atlantic and Northeast are at the greatest risk of being buried under deep snow as powerful nor’easters ride up the East Coast. Nor’easters are notorious for producing hurricane-force winds that whip the snow into drifts measured in feet — and the first one strikes this weekend from eastern New York to Maine.

Frost and freezing temperatures will blanket the north half of Florida for a night or two early next week.

And just in time for Groundhog’s Day, another polar vortex will hit the Northeast, forcing Punxsutawney Phil to dig out of a foot of snow while shivering in sub-zero temperatures.

So I hope you’re bundled up in the coming weeks and have access to a fireplace!

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Until next time, good trading…

Jeff Opdyke
Editor, Precision Profits