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Sick Care 101

Who are “they” and why do so many people care about what “they” say?

I learned a long time ago that the conventional wisdom is not always right. And when it’s wrong, it can be downright dangerous.

I bring this up because it dominated the conversation between James Dale Davidson and myself in the latest Davidson Unplugged. As it turns out, conventional wisdom can make you spend a lot of money … and kill you.

We also discuss:

  • Three major medical studies doctors would rather you know nothing about.
  • A mangled attempt to disguise economic weakness.
  • And why a tribe in Kenya shows our medical system is dangerously wrong.

To listen to the latest call, go here.

If you’d rather read a written transcript of the recording, go here.

Finally, if you’d like us to answer any questions on a future call, send an email to

Have a wonderful weekend,

Charles Del Valle
Editor, Strategic Investment