Profiting From the Third Polish Republic

Once the piñata of European geopolitics at which just about all the powers of the day took a swing, Poland has escaped the poisonous grasp of communism and wars to become one of Europe’s most dynamic economies.

Embracing its newfound sovereignty, this vastly overlooked and underrated country has grabbed the opportunity to support modern entrepreneurs, who are determined to build a business from the ground up, based entirely on their own sweat equity. This passion and astounding growth is what took me to Warsaw in November to meet with the founder and owner of Poland’s first and (so far) only Michelin-starred restaurant.

And it’s only the beginning for this former-communist country.

In this month’s issue, I examine the wave of consumerism that is washing through Poland as the country experiences an explosion within its middle class. With this growth in mind, I have uncovered an opportunity that is strongly positioned to profit from growth in a particular segment of the Polish economy.

Chad Shoop also talks about the dangers of the market pricing for a Fed rate hike in December following one “strong” jobs report and what opportunities you should be looking for when the Fed does finally act.

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Jeff D. Opdyke

Editor, Sovereign Investor