Make 400% in 2 Years With This Little-Known Tech Stock

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I want to give a warm welcome to our new members out there! Thank you for joining me on our journey toward big gains.

I’m excited to have you on board as a member and to show you how to make your first million.

In fact, I’ve laid out how you can get started in a new special report: One-Stock Millionaire: How to Get Rich With This Little-Known Tech Stock. In it, I reveal how Liberty Latin America (Nasdaq: LILA) is set to deliver us a 400% gain in the next two years.

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The February newsletter also arrived in your inbox this week. This month, I recommend a play on a booming international trend: e-commerce. And I think this stock could hand us a 100% gain within the next 18 months. To learn more, check out the February issue here.

Portfolio Review

As for this week’s webinar, I take a moment to introduce new readers to my stop-loss strategy, before diving into our stock news.

In this webinar, you’ll hear about:

  • My investment philosophy, and how the Total Wealth Insider system allows us to keep our losses small while letting our winners grow. (0:35 – 2:21)
  • A review of several of our high-flying stock positions, and whether now is the right time to buy. (4:14 – 6:44)
  • A closer look at our cybersecurity stocks and their performance. (6:45 – 8:10)

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Before I sign off for the week, I want to draw your attention to our Getting Started page.

We’re always looking to enhance your experience, which is why we just added two new resources.

The first is our trailing-stops tutorial. I take you step-by-step through what trailing stops are, how you can use them to manage losses and why you should never put in your stops with your broker.

The second is a brand-new guide on our model portfolio. If you’ve ever wondered how our positions are tracked, how you can print a snapshot of the portfolio or simply how to widen the columns, this is the report for you. I take you through the entire portfolio, column by column.

You can find both the tutorial and the portfolio guide on our Getting Started page here.

And make sure to check out the rest of the web portal. We have a wealth of great information here, including our trading manualspecial reportsFAQ and more!

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