Insiders Are Buying Again After Market Carnage

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Insiders Are Buying Again After Market Carnage

Brian Christopher here. Welcome to this week’s Insider Profit Trader!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My family and I did, for sure — I managed to have turkey on Tuesday and then ham and mashed potatoes on Thursday!

As I’ve said before, I’m thankful to have you all on this journey with me. Every email you send lets Jeff and me know what we’re doing right (or wrong!). We always appreciate hearing that. So when you have a moment, drop us a line at

While we don’t have a new trade this week, I do have some news to share on the overall market, as well as a few possible trades I see coming down the pike.

I also discuss:

  • Our current portfolio positions, which are slightly higher from last week. (0:54 – 1:15)
  • A company on my radar that’s seeing increased insider buying. (3:20 – 8:03)
  • Why the market believes the Fed is almost done with its rate hikes. (9:26 – 10:05)

To listen to today’s 11-minute podcast, click on the play button below.

(Click here to listen to the podcast.)

If you’d like to read a transcript of today’s podcast, click here.

New Website Resources

Before I sign off for this week, I want to draw your attention to our Getting Started page. As you know, this is where you can find the Beginner’s Guide to Investing, as well as the Insider Profit Trader manual.

We’re always looking to add value to your service, which is why we recently added a tutorial on trailing stops. Jeff takes you step-by-step through what trailing stops are, how you can use them to manage losses and why you should never put in your stops with your broker.

To watch Jeff’s tutorial, click here, then simply click on the play button on the bottom of the page.

If you enjoy this tutorial, make sure to let us know! We plan to add to our educational series in the future and would like to know what topics you’re interested in.

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Again, thanks for being on board Insider Profit Trader!

Best of Good Buys,

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Jeff L. Yastine & Brian Christopher
Editors, Insider Profit Trader