In the Red Zone? Don’t Fumble Your Retirement

Can your portfolio survive another downturn?

If you’re years away from retirement, you have ample time to ride out an average 34% pullback during an 18-month bear market and still come out with funds to enjoy your golden years of leisure.

But if you’re in what I call the “Red Zone” — the five years before and into retirement — a typical bear market drop would mean running out of money in 20 years instead of 30.

Luckily, you have one option that will guarantee you steady income through your retirement years, helping to fill a potential gap. In the October edition of The Bauman Letter, I’ll dive into annuities and how you can take advantage of this unique retirement vehicle.

Also in this month’s edition, I look at what you can do to protect yourself after the Equifax data breach and how this may lead to finally ending the practice of using Social Security numbers as a “unique identifier” for Americans.

Guest contributor Tyler Carter of NuView discusses how you can invest in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin within your retirement account.

Finally, it’s time for you to take a hard look at your investment portfolio. After the nice bull market run we’ve had, you may need to rebalance in preparation for the next downturn.

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