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100% Gain in OptiBiotix

United Kingdom-based OptiBiotix Health (London: OPTI) announced earlier this week that it had filed additional patents on its cholesterol-reducing product.

Since then, shares have shot up — and now they are up another 21% today, pushing our total return into the triple digits.

That’s why I want us to go ahead and lock in a 100% gain — in less than four months! — on half of our position.

Action to take: Sell to close half of your position in OptiBiotix (London: OPTI) for more than ₤0.74 (US$1.13). The stock closed in London today at ₤0.79 (US$1.20).

When I first recommended OptiBiotix at the end of July, I mentioned I was looking at this stock as the equivalent of a “call option” with no expiration date. I said the shares were cheap and the stock’s valuation had the potential to soar — just as it’s been doing. After less than four months, OptiBiotix has already proven to be a profitable position.

But I believe it has a lot further to rise, which is why I recommend keeping half your position open.

Remember, OptiBiotix still has no revenue. These shares are rallying on the anticipation of new commercial products next year. Once these products hit the shelves and its patents open up even more opportunities, that’s when the stock could really soar — possibly as much as 1,000%.

But we will play that other half on, essentially, house money.

Before I sign off, I have a favor to ask: This was a great example of what Profit Seeker is all about. We saw a trend rising overseas, we made a trade and then the stock’s movement perfectly fit our thesis. So I’d love to hear your story. How did this trade go for you? How much did you invest and how large was your gain? Please send your feedback to me at

Until next week, keep a global view…

Jeff D. Opdyke
Editor, Profit Seeker