Apple Faces a Long, Slow Decline

Apple Faces Slow Decline

In 10 years, you’ll look back and laugh when you remember when Apple iPhones were such a big deal that people waited in line to get one.

Or that people were so feverish for news on Apple that every website covered every small move by the company.

Instead, in 10 years you’ll be reading articles about how Apple lost its way.

That it had the lead on three major technologies right in its grasp … and it whiffed.

That instead of innovating and looking to keep delighting its customers, it did the safe and financially lucrative thing.

That it pursued a strategy of tinkering and making phones in new colors and sizes.


That it introduced “me too” products like its speaker, and “meh” products like its watch.

Now that it’s clear the latest version of its iPhone is a flop, there’s a reckoning ahead for Apple stock. It’s coming in 2018 and beyond.

Apple’s decline is a gold mine for companies that are still doing the right thing — pursuing innovation that delights customers.

And one company that’s doing this today is…


Amazon’s Alexa computing platform is a hit.

You know this already if you own one of Amazon’s Alexa devices, like Echo, Echo Plus and Echo Dot.

Personally, I’ve been using Alexa devices for nearly two years now.

Amazon has relentlessly improved Alexa’s capability where now it’s become an indispensable part of the way I manage my life.

I can control my calendar, my daily reminders and alarms, my music, my thermostat, and my lights, get daily weather and news, and search for many things by talking.

I’m not alone in this. Amazon told investors at the beginning of 2018 that its No. 1 seller for the holidays were its Alexa devices.

Changing the Way You Live

Alexa is a game-changer in terms of how you’ll live.

When you think back, that’s exactly what the Apple iPhone was too when it was first introduced.

When you look back at innovation that succeeded, this is its central quality — it changes the way you live.

Today, it’s Amazon that’s changing the way people live.

From its online retailing store, to its Alexa-powered voice and speaker devices, to its Amazon Go cashierless stores, to its numerous ventures from health care to transportation … this is the company “disruptifying” industries that have sat stagnant for decades.

And now, you’re going to see Apple join the ranks of the disruptified.

Apple Faces Slow Decline

Now, Apple stock is still near its highs because Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett keeps piling billions into it.

However, unless Apple can get people to buy more of its “tinkering” phones or its “meh” new products, this is going to be a losing bet for him.

You don’t have to take my word for it. The numbers show it — Apple’s iPhone sales disappointed again in its last quarter.

Now, if you’re looking for “disruptifying” companies like Amazon … ones that are changing the way people live and generating massive, huge returns for their shareholders … this is what I exclusively focus on in my Profits Unlimited newsletter.


Paul Mampilly
Editor, Profits Unlimited

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  • jrj90620

    Not that surprising,that Apple would go into decline.That’s normal for most industries and especially for tech,with things moving faster.Apple’s had a pretty good run for a tech company.Kind of surprising that Buffett would be getting in,after Apple’s had its best days.I think Buffett also has seen his best days.

  • lighteredknot

    Guess I will be taking a long slow descending with ole Apple. It is more than an iPhone but I’m not as bright as the pundits.

  • John Gordon

    You forget about the autonymous car! When Apple surges tot he forefront with Google, Gm, Mecedes and your subscribers are pissed you missed the call, you may find your newsletter in decline….still, no doubt, Apple needs to innovate with its current products as well….

  • Dave Wilbur

    For over 3 years, I was selling books for Amazon,
    I was earning over $500 a month until Amazon
    started to send me orders for books that i never had.
    I have 800 books that I will sell for $2.00 a copy with
    you paying for shipping. I’d guess 650

  • Colin

    Betting against Apple is never a good idea.

  • dewbru

    Amazon is not perfect, what about their failed tablet, could not even give it away while people continue to pay more and more for the iPad. Amazon is now being forced to become profitable and product returns will hamper that. AMZ has had a good run by selling with no sales tax…over. They are still using other companies show rooms and selling at a loss, but that can’t last. AMZ will become too big, bureaucratic and their costs will rise, other retailers are catching up. Innovative manufacturers will be the long term survivors and AMZ is not that. As they acquire companies they are looking more like a conglomerate and innovation will suffer, Whole Foods has already lost its mojo.

  • Arielle

    Amazon is becoming a monopoly, and that is never a good thing !

  • cbanalyst

    I have an I-5 and am very unhappy with it because of the slow response, I must push “home” many times to get it to work. I would get an I-6 or 7 but they are too expensive.

  • Michael Moy

    Steve, the soul and visionary of Apple, is sadly gone! The current CEO is just riding the tail wind. Amazon is not a monopoly, FICO is (how do we let them get away with it, credit score determines everything in our lives), its greatest risk is believing it can do all things. Jeff B is now into commercial rockets, newspaper…These are distractions that will come back & bite. Stick to your knitting and bolt-on’s or the lesson of conglomerate failure from the 70s will be taught again.

  • jas1019

    I’ve had 3 iPhones sine they came out. The original which lasted 6 years, a 4 and now a 7 plus. Not bad for 12 years. How many versions of Androids, Lg’s, Samsung’s, Moto’s have come out to keep up? I’ve had a MacBook Pro for 13 years. How many HP’s, Thinkpad’s, Touches have you gone through? How many viruses have your pc’s been infected with? Apple may not be perfect and I’m sure they would be stronger were Jobs still around, but some of us would rather have a known quantity than the latest flash in the pan.

    As for amazon, they will never get a dime of my money. Bezos is only out for one thing and it isn’t freedom of expression or thought. He’s the American equivalent of Soros.

  • Thomas Paonessa

    Make that 40 years. I personally was shopping for a personal computer in 1978. I looked long and hard at the Apple 2E before deciding on the much less expensive Commodore P.E.T.

  • Kuneeya Kanna

    Apple products are really very costly i feel…i always love their products , of course. i will definitely follow your suggestions from the next time in my selection.

  • Shelly m Sara

    Great article, apple has proven that they are shady with their marketing tatctics.