Last week, I asked you if office work is going extinct.

Here’s what Winning Investors just like you had to say:

do you think office work is going extinct?

Many of you are neutral on the idea. Even if not fully remote, office jobs will evolve to include partial work-from-home capabilities.

Even Apple CEO Tim Cook admits as much.

When asked about virtual work, Cook responded: “We’re running the mother of all experiments because we don’t know. […] We’re running a pilot and trying to find a place that makes the best of both worlds.”

Regardless of whether you think remote work is here to stay or a passing fad … the truth is that technology is changing how and where we work, and even where we live.

Companies like Zoom are helping Americans work online. And Zillow is allowing them to buy houses sight unseen in the era of remote work.

Even technologies like augmented and virtual reality are coming together to improve the remote work experience.

This trend isn’t slowing down.

And that’s opening up a new American economy, with plenty of investment opportunities.

In the meantime, keep reading below for this week’s Winning ideas.

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