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America’s 1st “Main Street” Bull Market Is ON

America’s 1st “Main Street” Bull Market Is ON

Your time is now.

Forget the days when Wall Street and the big institutional investors dominated the stock market.

Today, this market is for you. I’m dubbing it the “Main Street bull market.”

America 2.0 is igniting a new era of investing.

There are three massive factors converging and creating a stock market where the biggest gains will go to you — Main Street investors.

This is a unique recovery, as you know. We call it the V-rocket recovery  (Watch today’s Market Talk for charted proof).

That’s why when we hit the V-bottom, I started searching for the very best America 2.0 stocks to buy at a discount to lead the recovery.

And — WOW — have they.

With an eye on America 2.0, we’ve been locking in double and triple digit gains across all of my services.

The V-rocket recovery is going to shoot straight into a historic Main Street bull market. Don’t miss out on this. See all the details now — before it hits full force.

Check out this week’s Market Talk below and find out how you can invest in the Main Street bull market TODAY:

Welcome to Market Talk.

The Economic Rebound

We are currently witnessing a rebound in U.S. unemployment numbers as states begin to reopen. Since Friday’s jobs report, the stock market continues to tick higher as the May unemployment rate reported a better-than-expected number, falling to an unadjusted 13.3% and adjusted 16.4% versus a forecast of 19%.

In all, as this chart shows, May saw the largest jobs increase ever, topping 2.2 million. Per Bloomberg Data, “the data suggests the economy may be picking up faster than expected from the pandemic’s fallout.”

Upside Surprise Employment Data June 2020

Moreover, as this next graphic shows, Bloomberg and LPL are reporting that “the S&P 500 index’s biggest ever gain over the past 50 trading days offers a reason to think that stock prices may be even higher this time next year.”

S&P 500 June 2020

As this chart shows, the index rose for 50 days, as of this Friday, by 43%, the most since it was restructured to include 500 companies in 1957. Peak gains of more than 20% occurred seven times between 1975 and 2009. The S&P 500 moved higher each time over the next 12 months. The average advance was 17%.

I must note that these positive stats are not a surprise to our Bold Profits, Strong Hands Nation family. As seen in this Nasdaq chart, it shows our Bold Profits Daily published alerts.

Nasdaq with Bold Profits Daily June 2020

If you’ve been a Bold Profits reader and Paul Mampilly YouTube subscriber, especially since the start of the unprecedented health crisis, you could note that Paul and the team aim to alert readers and watchers that we would see a V-shape recovery in the stock market and, in particular, the America 2.0 stock arena.

The first of these rebound alerts went out on March 18, five days before the market bottomed, in our Bold Profits Daily free e-letter that’s chock full of wonderful information. This article was titled “COVID-19 Market Rebound Stocks to Buy at Rock-Bottom Prices” went out at that time.

I have a question to our Strong Hands Family watching now. Did you scoop up stocks around the market bottom and ride the rocket V recovery over the past several weeks and realize gains? We would love to know. It’s tenacious Main Street investors just like you whom Paul and the team want to help most of all.

Moving Into Smart Cities

Now for my innovation story of the week, which is all about the coming smart city and the electric vehicle (EV) revolution. is reporting that the state of Ohio’s government is helping its residents switch to EVs, cutting 8,150 tons of carbon dioxide.

“The Electrification Program was developed after Smart Columbus, a public-private smart city initiative led by the City of Columbus and regional business coalition Columbus Partnership, was awarded a $10 million grant as part of the innovation grants it received as the winner of the US Department of Transportation’s first-ever Smart City Challenge in 2016.

Ohio Electric Vehicles Smart City June 2020

“At that time, just 0.4% of vehicles sold in the Columbus region were battery EVs or plug-in hybrid EVs. This has now reached over 1.8%.” What’s better to hear is that new figures show more than 3,300 EVs were sold in Columbus, Ohio over the last three years, exceeding the target of 3,200. Consumer likelihood to purchase an EV also grew by more than 20%.”

Housing Market Showing Strong Momentum

Finally, in our America 2.0 update, Realtor magazine is reporting that home list prices have hit a new high as inventory shortages abound. Per the report from Realtor, “the housing market started showing signs of strengthening in May as states started to reopen after being locked down.”

“More listings are coming on the market and prices are standing firm. May’s home price data demonstrate that the underlying strength of the U.S. housing market, despite the challenges brought by the health crisis.” Realtor’s Chief Economist states, “The fact that home prices are at an all-time high shows the momentum that market had prior to the pandemic has helped keep buyer and seller expectations stable.”

America 2.0 Home Prices- Inventory Shortage

I would tell you to please dismiss the stuff people are talking about with the jobs report having some problem in it. It’s really simply reflecting the underlying growth potential that’s there and that’s been there in the economy, which is really very much America 2.0.

There has always been an underlying strength in the housing market even through the crisis. The buyers never really went away. They always showed signs they were there, whether it be through virtual showings or any number of companies like Zillow, Redfin and DocuSign indicating there was a backlog of closings mounting that were going to happen.

As everyone knows, America 2.0 is really about three things. It’s driven on a stacking of enormous technologies and megatrends that can affect every part of life. One of them mentioned earlier: Smart cities. That’s an essence of implementation of Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Then it’s about the millennial generation coming of age. Their income is rising through time. The greatest expression of that is through the housing market. They are now the majority buyer in the United States of houses. On our team ourselves, I know at least one person bought a house during the crisis.

It’s just an example of what’s going on. In fact, some of my friends are real estate developers and they have been telling me through the crisis that buyers are still out there. When I go around my area, housing activity continued even through the crisis.

America 2.o’s Economic Velocity

The last thing America 2.0 is about is economic velocity. This is something the crisis has really done. In other words, we finally got it right in terms of what our policies should have been through the government. It’s about 12 years too late, but nevertheless. This is what we should have done in 2008.

However, we probably never had the political will or desire to do it. Or maybe we didn’t know what to do. In other words, get money to the people, that’s what the government should have done. So we sent $1,200 to pretty much everyone. Then secondarily, the Federal Reserve did what is should have done.

It acted fast and acted with urgency and with massive force. I believe that has locked into place all three elements of America 2.0. One of the ways I would tell you you can benefit, because this is a Main Street bull market, this is one of the greatest things that brings a smile to my face: the big investors are locked out.

They are a little locked out because some of these companies are too small for them. They are going to be forced to sit down while we Main Street investors, mom and pop investors, retail investors — whatever you want to call us. I just call us regular investors. We get to go in and benefit and get the gains before they can get in.

Then they can take it to the next leg even higher and skyrocket these stocks.

However, they are also a coiled spring that as any money comes in they rocket these stocks higher. We’ve already had multiple percent winners and we’ve just started the service a little over a month ago. It’s an extraordinary service for an extraordinary time.

I’m BOP. Bullish, optimistic, positive.


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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