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Don’t Miss America 2.0’s IPO for Dow 100K

Don’t Miss America 2.0’s IPO for Dow 100K

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America 2.0 is hosting an initial public offering (IPO).

Well, offerings.

The stocks from our mega trends are converging … creating this new era of investing. In this era, we’re going to see the stocks of the old Dow Jones Industrial Average get replaced.

This is how we’re going to get to Dow 100K.

Right now, is such an exciting time to be an America 2.0 investor. There’s a record number of companies going public.

It’s estimated that more than $697 billion in wealth could be forged in the next year, as almost 20 IPOs are expected to come to the market every month on average.

Plus, one indicator we use, shows that these innovate stocks are hitting all-time highs.

Of course, you knew about America 2.0 and the opportunities coming. But for many others, this will be its big debut.

The IPO market is coming back full force after months of hibernation.

And it’s time for investors to take notice. Today, I’ll tell you two ways to be the first in on America 2.0’s IPO and the rise of the Dow 100K.

IPOs to Level up the Dow to 100K

If you’ve been following my Dow 100K updates, you know the Dow won’t reach the six-figure mark with its current 30 stocks.

The index is filled with America 1.0 companies that need to be swapped out with new, innovative and disruptive America 2.0 stocks.

Companies like Uber or Tesla can make the new-world Dow. These are real game-changers with new business models in their space.

They’re adapting to the world around — thinking outside the box to provide a better cheaper and more reliable service to customers.

A lot of these America 2.0 businesses have recently or are about to start trading in the public markets.

In fact, there’s one about to launch that Paul and I are watching for our IPO Speculator research service. It’s making a massive disruption in its sector that screams America 2.0! [You can see how we’re cracking the IPO code here.]

But it isn’t the only IPO coming that has the potential to one day fit well into the America 2.0 Dow.

The Renaissance IPO Index, which is an excellent gauge for the strength for the IPO market, is currently trading around all-time highs:

When you see the IPO markets trading at 52-week highs, it tells you the market is anticipating more public offerings coming because private companies want to sell a portion of their business at the highest price possible.

Plus, these soon to be trading enterprises are likely going to gain market share from the America 1.0 stocks.

One way to get America 2.0 IPO exposure is to invest in the Renaissance IPO ETF (NYSE: IPO).

This IPO exchange-traded fund (ETF) has shot up almost 54% in the last three months, compared to the S&P 500 Index which only crawled up about 20%.

It’s a good way to play the overall IPO market as it soars in America 2.0.

Get the IPOs to Disrupt the Dow

 As I mentioned, I work closely with Paul on his dedicated IPO service.

IPO Speculator gives you a chance to profit from the IPOs that meet our America 2.0 criteria.

Every day I read about new debuting stock tickers about to hit the markets. The ones we’re watching have the potential to kick out the Dow’s existing America 1.0 stocks.

The great thing about this service is you have the chance to capture the potential life-changing gains right as they come to market … way before they make a move for the Dow.

It’s like Paul always says. We want to look ahead and invest for the future.

And the chances to win are just heating up!

IPO activity was slow in March and April — only 12 companies filed intentions to go public.

However, May and June caught the huge rebound when 46 companies filed to start trading!

That’s a lot of opportunities to see profits from disruptive stocks.

And an IPO can see crazy-big fast leaps. One stock Paul and I recommended popped 400% in a single day!

So it’s important for you to act fast and stay on top of these trades. But that’s why you have Paul and me! We can tell you when to make a move on the best America 2.0 IPOs coming to the market.

To see how we evaluate these spectacular trades, click here.

Happy investing,

Patrick Goodrich

Patrick Goodrich

Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing

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