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America 2.0 “Techonomics” — You Got in First

America 2.0 “Techonomics” — You Got in First

Quick (Important) Note: You’re about to hear that America 2.0 is catching on and is full steam ahead! We were the first to tell you about it and now we’ll be the first to tell you the best ways that you can invest now.

One of my services is making a splash in America 2.0. I’m talking about over 100 home runs my readers have been able to take to the bank. Now (as you’ll hear in today’s Market Talk), things are only accelerating for us and America 2.0.

Since March, every recommendation we made has been a winner. With some important shifts in the market I see ahead, I only expect our wins to come even faster. And I don’t want you to miss one more … All you have to do to get the full details is click this link here now.

America 2.0 is catching on!

You know our mega trends — like the Internet of Things and 3D printing — are building the foundation for this new era of the Main Street bull market.

Now, the mainstream wants in. Global banking firm UBS is calling it techonomics: the future of the tech economy.

As mainstream interest builds in our America 2.0 mega trends, companies and stocks stand to reap massive windfalls.

Because you got in first!

In today’s Market Talk, discover the latest incredible advance in precision medicine using 3D printers and one fun and unexpected new 3D-printed “technology.”

An update on housing…

Plus, three charts that show that the V-rocket recovery is happening now.

Watch now to see how you can continue to be the first to profit in America 2.0’s techonomics boom:

I wasn’t able to make it today to record with Amber. But she had me covered with these incredible updates on America 2.0.

Be sure to watch today’s Market Talk for your way to stay ahead of the crowd and invest in America 2.0 today!

Welcome to Market Talk.

I’ll begin with the latest economic overview, my innovation story of the week, which actually knocked my socks off, and the current and developments in America 2.0.

U.S. Labor Market Is Improving

Homebase, a free scheduling tool used by more than 100,000 businesses and one million hourly employees in the U.S. continues to give us insight into the U.S. employment picture in real time. Cloud-based Homebase is a time clock, time sheet, scheduling and hiring tool for the 21st Century.

 Homebase Website Info June 2020

Thousands of small and local U.S. businesses use this scheduling tool. Homebase’s recent labor market report shows encouraging signs. Check out this chart. It depicts three lines that represent three important data points.

Homebase Improving Labor Mkt Chart June 2020

Line number one shows the number of business locations that are now open. Line number two shows the number of employees working. Line number three shows the number of hours worked by these employees. As you can see, all three data points are on the rise.

In all, this chart shows the U.S. labor market is gradually improving and is back to about 70% of the pre-crisis level set in January. Moreover, this labor market data from Homebase closely tracked the stunning May jobs report gains. If you were following their data, you would not have been surprised by the good numbers.

What’s also worth noting is that Homebase data is showing that jobs likely continued to grow and have good gains in early June as well.

Consumers Grow More Optimistic About Economy

Next up, let’s take a quick look at the University of Michigan sentiment preliminary June number posted this past Friday. The sentiment index jumped the most since 2016 on jobs gains. The index climbed 6.6 points to 78.9, beating economists’ expectations that projected it to rise to 75.

University of Michigan Sentiment Chart June 2020

The index surveys how everyday consumers like you and me feel about our personal finances and general business market conditions. Per Bloomberg, it revealed the following:

“The share of respondents who reported expect their finances to improve over the next few years rose to 42% from 32%. The gain was due to rising income with an expected annual improvement of 1.3%, up from 0.5%.”

The Future of the Tech Economy

Now for my innovation story of the week. As you know, our theme here at Bold Profits is all about megatrend innovations like Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, 3D printing and, of course, the rising new world of America 2.0.

I am pleased to share that a new report from UBS Group titled “The Future of the Tech Economy” supports out long-held view. As Paul has been saying for months now, this health crisis will push our America 2.0 and tech innovation themes full steam ahead.

UBS Tech Website

UBS is now reporting the same sentiment. They are saying the outbreak is “expediting the digitalization of a world economy.” Simply put, UBS is downright excited about this confluence of economic forces and technology. They call this coming change to the tech economy “techonomics.”

Here’s how they put it, “We live in exciting times. While a potentially transformative innovation used to be a once-in-a-century phenomena, the pipeline is now packed. Technology breakthroughs like quantum computing and fuel cells offer incredible potential to upend the global economy. Closer to the ground, areas like drones and 3D printing are already providing a glimpse into what the future holds.”

UBS Quote

Speaking of 3D printing and all the extraordinary tech that will come from this industry, I tweeted out this 3D printing article last week. The University of Colorado Denver scientists have developed a method to 3D print human body cartilage with shock-absorbing quality.

3D Printing Tweet June 2020

This new discovery 3D prints liquid crystal elastomers so people who need joint implants for their spine or knees will soon have more options. So from joint replacements to motorcycles, food to housing, in my opinion, the future of 3D printing has no bounds.

3D Printed Chocolate

For example, if you like chocolate candy, there will soon be an option to have an at-home 3D printing machine in your kitchen to print these delicious candy treats on demand. That leads me to a question I thought I would ask. Is there something you use often that you would like to see 3D printed? I’d love to see what you come up with.

America 2.0 Update

America 2.0 Millennials & Housing June 2020

Finally, in our America 2.0 update. As this chart shows, U.S. mortgage purchase applications have just closed in on an 11-year high. Bloomberg Opinions Conor Sen framed this rise this way:

“For various reasons, the supply of homes on the market continues to fall to record lows and home prices are, if anything, accelerating. For many homeowners stressed about the value of their biggest investment, it’s a welcome relief.

The biggest reason we are seeing home price growth accelerating in the middle of the pandemic is that the disruption to the supply of housing is persisting longer than a disruption to demand.

That is would-be millennial buyers. The recent weekly mortgage data showed that purchase applications rose for the eight consecutive week and are approaching an 11-year high on a seasonally adjusted basis.

Part of the reason for the quick rebound in demand is surely the decline in interest rates on mortgages to all-time lows with few signs they are likely to rise for the foreseeable future.”

With that being said, we see future gains in several America 2.0 megatrends from millennials to housing and stocks geared toward our America 2.0 megatrends.


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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