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America 2.0 Innovations Powering the “Trade of the Decade”

America 2.0 Innovations Powering the “Trade of the Decade”

There’s a new “trade of the decade” shaping up out there…

A phenomenal new mega trend forming that may have the biggest impact of all on our daily lives.

The best part? Our America 2.0 companies are paving the way (and delivering profits) as we hurtle toward this new world, and what we’ve dubbed the “Trade of the Decade.”

I’m talking about “Smart Cities.”

Smart cities are the culmination of so many of our mega trends — from new energy powering the entire grid to autonomous robo-taxis zooming around town to the Internet of Things (IoT) chip sensor trash pickup.


But when you peel back these layers, there’s one underlying technology set to dominate this movement … even build it from the ground up.

You may have already guessed, based on the incredible breakthroughs we’ve sent you this week: we’re talking about 3D printing.

From new home construction to manufacturing to food, 3D printing holds the key to virtually every other America 2.0 industry.

It’s happening now.

And over the next decade, we’re going to witness the complete transformation of the American city.

To learn more about our “Trade of the Decade,” check out our new presentation now. See why Paul’s so bullish on this trend and get his No. 1 trade for the 2020s.

3D Printing Leads Bold Profits Daily

Here are some incredible ways 3D printing is changing the world as we know it and fast-tracking America 2.0 tech across the board:

  • 3D Printing Homes: 3 Buys for an Untapped Market! 3D printing is growing into more industries every day. Its latest conquest is the housing market. The FIRST 3D-printed building — concrete, hurricane-proofed, flood resistant — is coming to life in Florida!
  • How to Get More America 2.0 in Your 401k. Our economy is getting America 2.0-ized, almost every sector is seeing it, and you want more exposure now! You’ve been writing in and we’ve got answers for you.
  • 3D Printing + Amazon: Stocks to Buy for New Trend. 3D printing manufacturing is a game-changer for everyone! Amazon is even in on the secret. 3D printing stocks are making a massive move up — including Paul’s No. 1 pick.
  • First 3D-Printed Burger: No. 1 Way to Profit. 3D-printed food is moving to the mainstream and shaking up fast-food joints from coast to coast. It’s time to declare the next big winner — like the first burger investor. Here’s how you can take the crown today.
  • Market Crash? What’s Going On?! Bitcoin, Tesla, cannabis … crashed this week. See our outlook on the markets and your stocks now. And three mainstream theories debunked!


Your Bold Profits Team

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