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America 2.0 Hidden in 3 Headlines

America 2.0 Hidden in 3 Headlines

This is what you’re probably seeing in the headlines: supply chain, chip shortages and regulatory pushback.

I actually see something a little different.

If you peel back the layers beyond the headline, you’ll find that these seemingly scary articles are actually pro-America 2.0!

Lately, there has been increasing support for 3D printing, robotics, electric vehicles, semiconductors, crypto and more.

And that terrifies America 1.0 investors and systems.

America 2.0 mega trends are leading the way for you to make huge gains soon! For the truth of America 2.0 behind the “negative” headlines, watch this:


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

Editor’s Note: Paul talked to you about mega trends reshaping America today. In his “next level” research service, he’s recommending stocks for these game-changing trends.


  • A chief semiconductor manufacturer whose revenue is projected to surge 70% by 2025 due to ongoing chip demand.
  • A principal software intelligence platform that is leading the next wave of cloud computing — combining data analysis with artificial intelligence (AI). Its revenue is projected to jump by 159% by 2025.
  • A revolutionary biotech that treats genetic diseases with a new type of gene editing that could soon replace CRISPR technology. Revenue projected to rise 70% in two years!

To see what next level investing is all about … and find out how you can discover the names of all these stocks and more, click here.

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