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America 1.0 Recession? Stay in Growth!

America 1.0 Recession? Stay in Growth!

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  • Semiconductors, bonds, housing flags for bear market… Will the Federal Reserve reverse course? (:50)
  • Ethereum’s 10K merge surge + bitcoin dominance & the next crypto rally. (17:05)
  • Your questions answered: is bitcoin a meme blockchain and why I’m bullish on 3D-printing stocks like Proto Labs. (26:20)

While the markets have been in a bearish trend, it can’t last forever! 

And there are bullish moves happening behind the scenes.

One major takeaway: America 1.0 is crumbling. 

Large corporations like Target and Walmart, have so little cash on hand, high levels of debt and more inventory than they can move. 

Now, semiconductors.

With companies hoarding chips (one has a 5-year supply!), things aren’t looking so well for long-term growth​ here.

The Fed will want to avoid an America 1.0 recession.

In fact, I believe the Federal Reserve will reverse course soon. And that’s good for growth stocks and crypto.

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Ian Dyer

Ian Dyer

Editor, Crypto Flash Trader

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