Banyan Hill’s asset protection specialist Ted Bauman has spent nearly 25 years helping people gain the financial and personal freedoms they deserve through his publications and investment research services.

That’s why he launched Alpha Stock Alert — to provide subscribers like you with a reliable, user-friendly system that will help all investors — regardless of wealth, personal background or financial experience — become more financially independent.

It’s an essential system if you’re retired … and an essential complement to a more aggressive trading strategy if you’re not.

Better yet, this is a rules-based system that’ll take the emotion out of investing for you. After all, the main reason most people’s portfolios underperform is because they get nervous or giddy while trading … but an algorithm doesn’t.

In fact, the alpha code trading system is the big reason why Alpha Stock Alert beat the S&P 500 index 10 times over in a decade of backtesting, gaining 585% compared to the S&P 500’s 57% return. It is also why the alpha code system has never had a losing year over more than a decade … even during the 2008 and 2009 crisis.

And the returns are solid. The Alpha Stock Alert system has a history of capturing steady double-digit winners. For example, it made:

  • 25.90% on Costco.
  • 28.50% on Aqua America.
  • 10.40% on Genuine Parts.
  • 34.80% on Hormel.
  • 48.70% on Chubb.

As you can tell, these aren’t the next high-flying stocks. These gains don’t make headlines — but that’s not what this system is designed to do. It’s designed to beat the market by focusing on safe alpha stocks … stocks that dominate their industries.

What’s more, it doesn’t matter if you have just $10,000 to start with … $100,000 … or $1 million. Anyone can profit using this system.

Perhaps best of all, Alpha Stock Alert is easy to use, requiring only about 30 minutes a month to invest and maintain.

To learn how you can finally invest comfortably and carefree with a risk-free subscription to Alpha Stock Alertclick here.