About Survive & Prosper

Survive & Prosper is the first e-letter of its kind that uses the power of demographic trends to accurately identify economic boom and busts.

We believe that knowing what consumers are going to buy next… or what they’ll stop buying soon… is the best way to protect your portfolio and maximize your returns.

Each week we will share with you our views on consumer spending patterns, demographic trends and economic cycles to give you the best investment research available.

About Survive & Prosper Audience and Demographics

The Survive and Prosper subscriber’s age ranges from the 40s to the 70s. Since we have a wide subscriber base and offer a variety of products/services, the investment risk tolerance of our readers varies from conservative to moderately speculative. This base has demonstrated purchasing power for timely offers—both paid reports and subscription offers—and is an extremely appealing segment for any financial marketer or financial news publisher.

Advertising Opportunities: Ad Units and Positions Available

Engage Survive & Prosper subscribers through multiple placement options including premium display, buttons and links, email and newsletters, lead generation, sponsorships, and other creative advertising solutions.

Why Advertise with Survive & Prosper?

Survive & Prosper offers compelling content from the well-known, highly respected team of Harry S. Dent Jr., Rodney Johnson, and Adam O’Dell. It is delivered to a highly qualified subscriber base, as well as posted on a highly visible website. We ARE “the source” for no-holds-bared market commentary that readers won’t get from the talking heads and mainstream analysts.

Survive & Prosper IS the first e-letter of its kind that shows investors how they can use the power of demographic trends to accurately predict the direction of the markets, sometimes decades in advance.

How to reach us?

To learn more about advertising on Survive & Prosper Website and/or e-letter contact our eCommerce Manager, Mahek Thakkar at: AdvertiseSNP@Gmail.com

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