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Action for America 2.0’s “White Swan Event”

Action for America 2.0’s “White Swan Event”

In 2008 we saw a black swan event — unpredictable by most.

Now, we’re about to see a white swan event in America 2.0.

It is going to be great if you’ve been following us or Cathie Wood.

You see, for our America 2.0 stocks … nothing’s changed. Technology has accelerated, stacked and things are actually even better.

America 2.0 is the SINGLE BIGGEST investing opportunity of our time. And right now, it’s exclusively built for Main Street investors.

But for America 1.0 … a day of reckoning is coming.

Click on today’s Market Talk to see my full outlook on this America 2.0 white swan event, the collapse of America 1.0 and what action you can take to participate:


Amber Lancaster: Welcome main street stock investors to Market Talk Monday on the Paul Mampilly YouTube channel, home of Bold Profits Strong Hands Nation. I am Amber Lancaster. Thanks for tuning in.

Today, Paul is joining us to share his latest market insights and answer some general questions. Before we begin, I want to give a special shout out to loyal Market Talk watcher and Bold Profits watcher, JB. Hello JB. Good to see you as always.

Remember to subscribe to this channel and you can also visit us at to sign up for our free investment e-letter. Let’s get started. Hello, Paul. Good to see you. Good morning.


Endless Crises Or Opportunity?

Paul Mampilly: Good morning, Amber. Thank you for having me on again. This week you were telling me the floor is open. I was on with our colleague Ian on the IanCast on Thursday and we have gone through a period that began in February and until now where our stocks, growth stocks, America 2.0 stocks have been going up and down.

I have lost count of how many crises or crashes were supposed to happen. At the beginning of this year, what was the crisis du jour? Even while our stocks were rising there this thing that Robinhood was going to go bankrupt because the meme stocks are going to bankrupt them.

That was going to cause systemic instability. Then we went through a period where interest rates were too low and there was going to be a recession. Then there was hyperinflation. Then there has been the supply chain. Then the debt limit. It’s endless.

We have a regular reader on Twitter who is always putting these things to me. I tweeted and said,

“There’s always something in a bull market that makes people think the end is near and they should stay out. Just this year alone I can think of election uncertainty, interest rates, inflation, hyperinflation, China, Evergrande and now the debt ceiling.”

In a bull market, people will always find a reason to sell or stay out and then they get left behind. No one imagined in 2020 that our stocks are were going to do what they did. I was mocked, shamed, called a scam artist and a fraud and worse for saying I believed we would have a V recovery.

And it’s pretty much what unfolded in the markets. Now, the same accusations come. Paul, you are a fraud, you are a scam artist because not every single stock you have been telling us about has rocketed up 5 million percent in a day.

For the rest of you who have a longer-term timeframe and like to zoom out as Ian likes to say, nothing has changed. In fact, underneath it everything is better. Cathie Wood was asked recently what she is worried about. She felt the number one thing the markets in general don’t get is almost as big of a surprise as what happened in 2008.

The vast majority of people were utterly unprepared for the severity, the magnitude and complexity of what was going on between the financial system and the real estate bubble. There is something similar going on except it is good news, it’s in reverse.

You have people talking about crashes, crises and inflation. Meanwhile, if you are looking at the opportunity through us, it’s this endless buffet of opportunity and growth and incredible opportunities. I am very, very BOP.

While these six or seven months we have seen this churn in our stocks, but look at their businesses. They are continuing to see growth and rising adoption. Go read the commentaries of what the managements of these companies are saying. They say more people are adopting what we provide.

It’s something where these companies are actually storing up value as their stock prices are doing this [moves hand up and down]. The everyday investor is flailing around. Jumping from oil stocks to gold stocks, from gold stocks to value stocks, value stocks to reopening stocks.

We are dead center focused on the future, America 2.0 and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. That’s because it is the single biggest opportunity of our time. Not just of today, this week or this year — of our time. Cathie Wood’s concern was that this is a deflationary event.

When you combine so many extraordinary megatrends together — Internet of Things, blockchain, artificial intelligence, robotics, the transition to sustainable energy, space — it is deflationary. Meanwhile, everyone is worried about inflation. From my perspective, it’s almost laughably funny.

Everyone can see that we are implementing all these technologies. Everyone as people, companies and organizations are implementing them. And yet, they are all looking backward and searching for past crises. They are looking for real estate bubbles and inflation.

Versus looking at the power of these phenomenal technologies. In the past when you had these jumps, what happened? The prices of existing good and services went into decline. Why? Because new technologies were so much more productive. They were so much more capable.

They made things much more convenient and cheaper. People disbelieved. However, the industrial economy did to the agricultural economy what the digital economy is about to do to the industrial economy. No one, minus the folks following Cathie Wood and us, are prepared for this white swan event.

If 2008 was a black swan event, this is a white swan event. In other words, this is good news if you are invested in the right places. On the IanCast we talk about these America 1.0 companies that have been doing all the wrong things in all the wrong ways for a very long time now.

It’s like a clock that’s ticking ever closer to the moment where their day of reckoning comes. They have been borrowing money on the bet that inflation would continue at a reasonable rate so even if they have no growth they can accumulate sales to pay off their debt.

They pay these crazy dividends to keep people in their stocks. We have been telling you this story for some time. We even have something called the America 1.0 Blacklist that has all these companies that exhibit these behaviors. Our focus is not some kind of hype.

I believe it makes no sense today to be in anything other than America 2.0 stocks, Fourth Industrial Revolution stocks. The clock is ticking for these America 1.0 companies. We are going to see deflation that is going to be beneficial for our companies.

On the flip side, it’s going to be extraordinarily destructive for the companies that have resisted innovation, resisted the Fourth Industrial Revolution, have chosen to hunker down in what they do and not really go and implement these things to get additional productivity and benefits associated with these technologies.

There are always going to be periods, even in the strongest, biggest bull markets, of like what we are going through. It’s never going to be uninterrupted in a straight line or come without some volatility. The markets always will test you. They will make you earn it.

2021 has been that kind of a year. This is the year where you earn it. After a period like this, it acts like a coiled spring. Everything lines up. The businesses have been growing. They are growing at 25% or 30%. Meanwhile, the big money still cannot buy our stocks yet.

You might say, “Paul, that’s terrible.” No, it’s great. This opportunity right now is almost exclusively for main street investors. 3D Systems is still just a $2 billion company. If you BlackRock, the largest asset manager in the world, and you are managing trillions of dollars, you can’t even buy a quarter percent position in 3D Systems.

Forget it. You can’t even buy a half percent position across all the 3D printing companies put together. That’s how small it is. We are at this moment where I believe we are going to see an explosion of value generated from our companies that’s going to take the stock prices higher.

Most people are simply not invested in it. What we saw at the end of 2020 and the first part of 2021 is a preview of what I believe you are going to see unfold over the next several years. Be strong hands. Be BOP. Be bullish, be optimistic, be positive. Don’t let the doom and gloomers get to you.

The mainstream media is full of doom and gloom. Stick with us. There is a massive move that is going to be coming, however you can’t get it unless you stay invested. The idea that you can jump around and go from this stock to that stock. No. You have to be in it when it moves.

It’s not going to be advertised. It’s not going to be announced. They are not going to ring a bell and say now is the moment to do it. It will begin and when it starts I can tell you most people will disbelieve it, but it will keep moving higher and higher. If you are in our services, we are all in.

Be BOP. Amber, that’s what I have for today.


The Three R’s Prediction

Amber: That was fantastic as always. I do have a general question to share with you from a Twitter follower and Profits Unlimited subscriber. Before we do that, I just wanted to reiterate something I posted to our investment team Slack channel last week.

It really reiterates your Three R’s prediction — restock, reshore, reinventory. It was a report from EPS News that said

that reshoring pace to the U.S., meaning we are manufacturing things stateside, accelerates in the first half of 2021 to high levels. I just wanted to say that one of your Three R’s is coming to fruition: reshoring.

Paul: You bring that up and you’ve been reporting on this. We told people this was going to happen. We told them there was going to be a restocking effect, then reinventorying. In other words, people have been running on this business model of just-in-time inventories, but now we know that it was missing some assumption: What if things go wrong?

Nobody ever tested that system or that way of operating assuming there was a pandemic or some global thing that would not allow trade to flow in real time. Now, even just to keep the shelves restocked we are having trouble. To keep inventory we are going to have to produce even more.

How are we going to do that? It would be preposterous to build out even more of an old system that causes the problem. What are you going to do? You are going to reshore. You are going to put it up much closer to the point of consumption. I made this point in a Bold Profits recently.

When you hear reshoring, it’s the sound of money being spent to buy 3D printers. It’s the sound of money being spent to implement the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and capital spending in the U.S. that is deflationary. They are not going to put up a factory like it was from 20 or 25 years ago.

That’s how old some of the existing capacity is, at minimum. What are they going to do? They are going to implement the newest thing that is far more productive, cheaper and has the benefit of not requiring a global supply chain to get a bolt from China, a washer from Malaysia.

You just print the whole thing. I am very BOP. I saw that and I said, “That’s confirmation right there.”


Paul’s Take On Gurus Prediction of “World’s Biggest Crash”

Amber: Here is your question for today. It’s actually from Sandy. Sandy posted an article on our Twitter from The Independent titled, “Personal Finance Guru Predicts World’s Biggest Crash in October.” She just wants to get your take on this. We know you’re BOP, but please share your sentiment on this article.

Paul: I think pretty much every day if you google biggest crash there is somebody doing that. I get this questions almost weekly on Profits Unlimited. There’s always someone predicting a crash. It’s well worth it to keep predicting a crash. As they say, if you predict a crash every day for many years you will eventually be right.

People are more likely to believe bearish, gloomy, pessimistic forecasts because it’s human nature. We think realism is associated with being pessimistic. Pessimistic people are never called to account. I don’t know this person but we have only had one major crash in the last 13 years.

It’s very easy to see if anyone has credibility. How many times have they been right? Is anybody tracking? Otherwise, it’s a free shot on goal to get attention. If it does turn out to be right, they can claim credit. If they are wrong they say, “Well, you can’t be too safe.”

What I find is that people who seek out these kinds, I think who we are and what we are doing is probably wrong for them. If you find yourself being attracted to gloomy headlines and crashes, our way is too different. You need to come to us when more people recognize this is going on.

You have to be BOP to be invested in our services. Otherwise, I think it’s psychologically too hard for people. Our way is too different. What we are doing, saying, thinking and what we are acting on is too different. It’s not going to be for everybody.

I find that people seek out the information they want to confirm something they are already thinking. On any given day there are 100 crash forecasts, but there are very few optimistic forecasts. Cathie Wood and I are very alone by ourselves in thinking this, saying this and calling this.

Everyone will have to decide for themselves as to what is right or wrong for them, Amber,

Amber: Good points, Paul. I concur. Thank you for joining me today. I appreciate having you on as always.

Paul: Thank you for doing an awesome job on Market Talk. Thanks for having me on. Hopefully you’ll have me on again soon.

Amber: Yes, very soon. See you soon. Bye.

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That concludes this week’s Market Talk. Thank you, everyone, for tuning in this week. We wish you a healthy and productive week ahead. Until next time, take care.




Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

Editor’s Note: You know the drill. Invest in America 2.0. But here’s something you may have missed.

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