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Score 94% Win Rate in America 2.0’s New Economy

Score 94% Win Rate in America 2.0’s New Economy

America 2.0 isn’t coming … it’s here!

It’s all around us.

Work, school, even socializing went “America 2.0” this year.

All seven of our mega trends are leading this new economy — and bringing you incredible gains for being among the first to recognize this shift.

And now, even old-world businesses are pushing for America 2.0 upgrades.

In today’s Market Talk, Amber shows us proof — where big businesses are putting their money, for the first time in recorded history!

Plus, Ian deep dives into three technologies leading the charge … and the secret rebound strategy we’ve used to deliver 27 fast double- and triple-digit gains in a row and maintain a 94% win rate for the year.

Watch today’s Market Talk for the No. 1 way to invest in America 2.0 for quick returns:

Welcome to another Bold Profits’ Market Talk!

America 2.0 is Here

As a quick recap, the America 2.0 concept describes a new economic and manufacturing boom that is being driven by a variety of next-generation technological innovations, industrial upgrades and consumer trends. It adds up to what Paul describes as a 4th Industrial Revolution that will remake the world we live in and the U.S. manufacturing sector.

America 2.0 Paul Quote August 2020

We can see America 2.0 unfolding in front of our very eyes and the great technological transformation taking place now. From the mainstream use of Zoom Video Communications, which is the virtual meeting space for business and organizations around the nation to Tesla, the American innovator of high-performance, technologically advanced electric cars, solar energy generation and energy storage products, America 2.0 transformation is here.

Nasdaq with Bold Profits Daily Alert Callouts August 2020

If you followed our advice during the market dive in March of this year and bought into the our America 2.0 stocks, you’d be seeing gains of as much as 77% on Facebook (FB), 102% on Uber (UBER), 106% on Zoom (ZM), 107% on Spotify (SPOT) and up to 356% on Tesla (TSLA).

America 2.0 Stock Gains August 2020

The Big America 2.0 Transformation is hap-pen-ing as Paul would emphasize and this recent confirmation chart from Bloomberg and the U.S. Commerce Department proves it.

America 2.0 Confirmation Chart August 2020

This chart shows that the America 1.0 world is in decline and being replaced by America 2.0 tech and innovation. For the first time in 73 years, technology and research have combined to exceed half of U.S. capital spending. Capital Spending is the money companies spend to buy, maintain or improve fixed assets like buildings, equipment or land. For decades businesses devote most of their capital spending funds on these fixed assets. NOT anymore. Money that has traditionally flowed to America 1.0 infrastructure is now re-routing and pouring into technology and research.  

Per Bloomberg and Cornerstone Macro: “Capital spending by U.S. companies is more focused on the “new economy” than ever before.

Per Commerce Dept. data, technology and research accounted for 50.1% of expenditures in the 2nd quarter of this year.

More money was spent in these categories than on buildings, equipment and media for the first time since the quarterly commerce dept. data started being recorded in 1947. This means, technology will power an economic expansion that creates jobs, raises productivity and restrains inflation.”

Bloomberg Commerce Data Quote August 2020

Simply put, we are living in amazing times and the tipping point of America 2.0 has truly arrived.

One key guide to know you’re investing in the right sectors is to stick with Paul’s seven mega trends. For those who may not be familiar with these mega trends here they are: Autonomous/Electric Vehicles, Blockchain, Millennials, New Energy Technology, Precision Medicine, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, The Industrial Internet of Things and 3D Printing.

Mega Trends August 2020

New Technology Transforming Major Sectors

It’s good to point out that infrastructure is moving to digital because when most people think about infrastructure they think about roads, buildings, bridges and things like that. Those are now being replaced by digital infrastructure. It’s really what we’re counting on at this point to transform how we live.

One of the main ways that it’s doing that right now, primarily because of the COVID scenario, is virtual technology. One example is Zoom, which we are actually using right now for this call. Many companies are doing the same thing. It’s being used for conference calls and particularly from a millennial aspect this is important.

I just recently read that 60% of millennials in the U.S. are now working from home. Obviously to communicate they have to use some kind of video chat and Zoom is one of the main ones. That ties back into virtual technology. Zoom is also being used for happy hours and people hanging out.

I even saw one high school class had their prom via Zoom. People are getting creative with it. It’s kind of cool to see they are able to have fun with this and replace some of the things they can’t do for the time being. Zoom is one of the companies that is advancing virtual technology.

Another one is Zillow. We already know that home buying is a hot market right now. The housing market is on fire. This is another thing that has to do with millennials. Millennials are the fastest-growing home buyer segment. 38% of homes bought last year were bought by millennials.

They are a key demographic right now for home buying. Millennials are also technologically savvy. We want to use any kind of technology we can to make things more efficient. Zillow is now using a lot more virtual tours. I saw that for the people selling homes on Zillow there is a 300% increase in the number of people who list with a 3D virtual tour.

Because of the lockdowns, more people are using virtual tours. It’s growing exponentially. Zillow and Zoom are two key players in this virtual infrastructure technology we are seeing unfolding quickly right now.

Crypto Disruptors: Bitcoin and Ethereum

There are two key elements to the crypto market. Bitcoin is right now — and I think it will be permanent — is a store of value. A lot of places in the world don’t have stable currencies. Their currency is undergoing rapid inflation, which means it’s losing value day after day.

That’s become a normal thing in most of the world. We are seeing a lot of demand for Bitcoin, even through person-to-person networks. People are finding each other to buy and sell Bitcoin because exchanges haven’t made their way in a widespread way across the world yet.

We’re seeing in countries like Venezuela, Nigeria, Colombia and countries that have unstable currencies, people are able to put their savings into something way more stable. Bitcoin has its volatile moments. It’s had four 80%-90% crashes so far. It’s come back stronger every time.

If I had a choice of leaving my money in a currency that’s deteriorating every day or putting it into Bitcoin, I would sure choose Bitcoin. That’s what we’re seeing happening across the world. 2020 has been by far the highest demand for this.

The other aspect of crypto is smart contracts. This is being led by Ethereum. Basically, Ethereum is a blockchain network and you can kind of compare it to the internet. You can run programs on it and you can code everything.

With smart contracts, you are programming a deal between two or more parties, just like you would now but you have to deal with a lot of paperwork, you have to dig up old taxes, utility bills and things like that. This would be able to program all that data and upload it and verify it immediately.

So through a smart contract if you are getting a mortgage it would be able to verify all the data that’s on the blockchain and it would be able to verify it without you having to go through the time and hassle. So smart contracts are another revolutionary way that cryptocurrency through Ethereum and a few others are really disrupting the modern world.

We are living in an amazing transformative time in human history, especially where technology is concerned.


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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