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7 Days for 3D Printing to Remake America

7 Days for 3D Printing to Remake America


We are moving away from cities as we know them.

The Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, new energy, blockchain ­— are taking everything we know and making them better, safer, more efficient.

Our mega trends are now creating a new kind of city.

One where data processing makes sure we live safer, resources are allocated in the best possible way, cities are sustainable … smart.

We actually have a smart city stock in the Profits Unlimited open model portfolio that has such big potential, we call it the “trade of the decade.” Click here to see the details.

But to get there, we can’t have the housing market be stale. We need innovation.

I’ve told you about the disruption that’s sweeping real estate — 3D printing.

For us to create sustainable smart cities, 3D printing is absolutely crucial. It creates homes with little to no waste, making them more affordable.

And you can keep reading the full 3D-printing story — how it’s remaking homes in just seven days — below.

There’s a situation brewing in America that you need to know about.

Now, before you think “Oh no! More doom and gloom,” this is a #BOP situation … if you know how to play it.

As you know, I’m very bullish, optimistic and positive on new-world real estate in America.

But our country is facing a problem when it comes to houses.

Luckily, one of our Bold Profits mega trends is the solution: 3D printing.

And it can fix it all in just seven days…

It’s remaking the way we do everything, and is at the center of America’s new Golden Age.

And today, I’ll tell you all about this revolution sweeping the housing sector through the rise of American manufacturing…

All you need to set yourself up to profit from it? Just one ETF.

Here’s why we need this 3D printing solution that will meet major demand and give your investment the extra boost you need to lock in your gains.

We Need More Houses…

Right now, mortgage rates are at all-time lows and the biggest generation of Americans are hitting their prime home-buying years.

So, the demand for new houses is incredibly high.

According to Redfin, home prices are rising everywhere — in urban, suburban and rural areas … but the supply is rapidly dropping. The total number of homes for sale fell 34% year over year as of last month. New listings went down in rural and suburban areas as well.

Homes are also spending less days on the market, being bought faster than ad spaces for Super Bowl! Compared to last year, the number of days a house is listed for dropped by 22 days on average.

That’s because we don’t have enough houses built.

And that’s no surprise!

According to a survey by the U.S. Census Bureau, it takes almost eight months to build a house on average. That is long ­— especially if you’re crashing on a friend’s couch waiting for your new home or shelling out a ton of money on rent.

And with the demand we’re facing right now, this eight-month turnaround simply won’t work. 

…And We Need Houses Fast 

We need a new, faster way to make houses to meet this rising demand.

An America 2.0 way.

And this is where 3D printing comes into play.

It’s already changing everything around us, including health care, vehicles, and even space!

And now it’s coming for the old-world way of house building.

According to some estimates, 3D concrete printed construction will be worth over $1.4 billion by 2023 — up from less than a million in 2017!

Recently, a house built in seven days was listed for sale in Riverhead, New York.

It’s a 1,400-square-foot home with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a two-car garage, and a garden — a dream for any potential homeowner:

3D printed suburban home pic


It’s cheaper than the average home in the neighborhood and built out of concrete. It costs $300,000 — that’s $80,000 below the median price for the neighborhood.

And, according to Zillow, “this home is priced 50% below the cost of comparable newly-constructed homes in Riverhead, NY.” And, as a cherry on top, it comes with a 50-year limited warranty.

It’s more durable — using concrete as opposed to traditional wood frame.

This innovative house is also more sustainable: thanks to automation, the quantity of every material needed is pre-calculated to avoid any waste. As a comparison, building an average 2,000-square-foot house can generate anywhere from four to seven tons of waste!

It took a little over 48 hours of printing and only three people to build it over seven days.

I believe 3D-printed houses like this will be the future.

Once the technology becomes more and more common, we’ll be able to build entire mansions, neighborhoods, cities … with just a 3D printer!

And there’s one ETF that you can add to your portfolio today to profit from this explosive 3D printing technology … before it surges into a $1 billion mega industry.

3D PRNT Profits for the New American Dream

PRNT is a 3D printing ETF that gives you exposure to the most innovative companies involved in 3D printing.

By adding it to your portfolio, you’ll get the benefit of this massive opportunity, setting your portfolio up for enormous gains.

So your action to take today is: buy 3D Printing ETF (NYSE: PRNT).

And if you want a bonus recommendation to get into this incredible trend…

Paul just revealed another way that he found right in his backyard in North Carolina. It plays to the heart of this revolution sweeping American manufacturing:

industrial revolution stock pdf pic

He believes the stock promises to be the next big leader of 3D printing, with the potential to bring early investors phenomenal gains.

He believes “Remade in America” is not just another trend. It’s THE trend. One that will create 63 million jobs … millions of millionaires … and $100 trillion wealth.

You can see his vision and all the details by clicking here.


amara Barkhanoy

Tamara Barkhanoy

Investment Analyst, Bold Profits Publishing

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