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6 Stocks to BUY + Bitcoin for 400% America 2.0 Surge

6 Stocks to BUY + Bitcoin for 400% America 2.0 Surge

Story Highlights:

  • The market is making the shift to America 2.0. If you want the biggest rebound gains, buy these six stocks.
  • Bitcoin’s halving is coming in just three days! This is your chance to buy in before the surge and lock in a 400% return this year.
  • Paul’s America 2.0 prediction with 100 stocks to SELL now.

One thing is clear in this market: America 2.0 is here.

And it didn’t take its time showing up.

With the historical sell-off we saw in March, a lot of people are still trying to make sense of the market.

But for us, it’s obvious.

America 2.0 has been a bright light shining through all of this. And we’re entering a game-changing — first of its kind — rebound for the books.

As most of the world is practically shut down, companies are scrambling to use more efficient technologies to keep business alive.

They are making the transition to America 2.0.

So now is the time to act. Just last week, my Bold Profits comrade Amber Lancaster told you about the 15 stocks to sell to make room for a strong America 2.0 portfolio.

Today, I’m going to tell you how to fill up your portfolio with seven strong America 2.0 buys. Just one of these buys, we predict will give you a chance at a 400% surge THIS year.

If You Want the Biggest Rebound Gains, Buy These 6 Stocks

This rebound is unlike any we’ve seen before.

In prior market rebounds, the older, more reliable companies get bought, while the newer, more risky stocks get sold.

That’s a sign that investors are cautious, which suggests an inherently weak market.

But this time around, the demand is clearly in favor of disruptive technologies. The typical safe havens — old-world companies — are being left behind.

There’s been a shift. Attention is moving to our America 2.0 companies. And there are seven sectors that I believe are going to boom! They’ve even outperformed the S&P 500 Index this year.

If you want to build a strong and profitable America 2.0 portfolio, start with these exchange-traded funds (ETFs):

These are great stocks to start buying up now as the market rebounds to historic new highs.

For example, cloud software is seeing an enormous boost from more people working from home.

Another example is e-commerce. With a lot of brick-and-mortar retail stores closed during lockdowns, people have turned to the internet for most, if not all, of their purchases.

And at the core of both of these sectors are semiconductors, which are needed to run everything going on behind the scenes.

I believe that these trends are not a fluke. We’re seeing how more practical and efficient ways of living are being created. And this is bringing a new wave of businesses to the forefront of our economy.

But I have to mention one more must-have opportunity for America 2.0 investors…

Bitcoin’s Halving = 400% Surge Coming Soon

Bitcoin is also beating the S&P 500 this year despite falling 49% in 17-hours back in March.

Since then, it’s rebounded by more than 160% as investors rushed in to buy at incredibly low prices.

And as you know, Paul and I have been talking about the bitcoin halving, which is finally happening on May 11 — this coming Monday.

Basically, this has to do with the amount of bitcoin earned by miners. In this case, “mining” means that computers are solving complex algorithms which strengthen bitcoin’s blockchain network.

Without going into too much detail, each time an algorithm is solved, the network gets stronger.

As a reward for solving the algorithm, the owner of the computer receives a newly mined bitcoin.

However, on May 11, the amount of bitcoin given out in rewards will be cut in half.

This means there will only be half as much bitcoin available to traders going forward. We believe this event will trigger a massive supply and demand imbalance.

Because of it, investors are stocking up on bitcoin to prepare for the market’s shortage.

In fact, almost 43% of all bitcoin in circulation has been untouched — or hodled — for at least two years.

It’s clear that bitcoin hoarding is through the roof, so a cut in new supply is only going to be a benefit.

With the demand for bitcoin at all-time highs, we believe that the halving will ultimately cause the price to skyrocket.

As Paul and I have said many times, we believe that it will hit $50,000 this year. That’s a return of about 400% from current prices.

So, if you haven’t bought in yet — on bitcoin or the top six America 2.0 stocks — we recommend that you do so … and NOW!

And don’t forget to watch Paul’s America 2.0 prediction and get a full copy of the Blacklist — 100 stocks to sell today — by clicking here.


Ian Dyer

Ian Dyer

Editor, Rebound Profit Trader

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