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5 Tickers You Need for America 2.0’s V-Recovery

5 Tickers You Need for America 2.0’s V-Recovery

Did you miss it?

The stock market bottomed out creating crazy low prices for even the best stocks.

Now the V-rocket recovery is pushing stocks to new highs in the America 2.0 bull market.

So, if you’re worried it’s too late to buy in, the answer is: absolutely not!

Right now, America 2.0 with our surging mega trends are creating opportunities that were unthinkable just a few years ago.

Today, I’m going to reveal five tickers to buy for the phenomenal surge.

Remember, this bull market is for you — Main Street investors.

These five recommendations cover nearly every sector of America 2.0. It’s going to give you the best chance at taking home incredible gains. Watch now:

I want to give an update on the stock market and STIXX and answer questions that are starting to come from a lot of folks who missed getting in when prices were significantly cheaper. It now turns out that the markets bottomed out around March 23 or so.

If you were someone looking for lower prices or looking to time your way in, I believe the bottom is in for the panic. I believe that what you are seeing in the stock markets is what we have been telling you about at Bold Profits now for many years. There is an America 2.0 bull market that is on.

It’s driven by technology. It’s driven by demographics. It’s also driven by an unprecedented period of time when you’ve got so many different developments going on. Obviously there are the big technology megatrends. Then there’s the emergence of entirely new industries that are created by things that were never imagined even a few years ago.

Cryptocurrency is one. Space is another. I recently got a comment from someone on YouTube who said they came across the channel by chance and asked, “Is it too late?” Today I want to give an answer to this question and give an update on STIXX because that’s part of the answer.

The Heart of America 2.0

Let’s start with STIXX. Back on March 2 I told you that without paying me anything you can get in on America 2.0 by owning five incredibly ETFs. For those of you who don’t know what an ETF is, it’s a kind of stock. It’s like a basket of stocks. You buy one stock, but it represents anywhere from 30 to 50 even 100 different stocks.

I came up with this acronym called STIXX. STIXX gets you into America 2.0 in full because it is comprised of five ETFs that start with STIXX.

It gets you into the heart of everything, of all the megatrends, of the demographic change driven by the millennial generation and gen Z coming right after them. It also really gets you into every aspect of the new America unfolding. Whether it be space or cryptocurrency. So what is STIXX?

Why did we come up with it and why does it represent America 2.0 and why is it also an answer for those who want to try us out? Maybe they want to get in and take a little less risk. By its very nature, an ETF tends to be something distributed, it’s less volatile, you are taking on less company risk when you own a basket of stocks.

Now if you own a total of five that get you into all the different aspects of America 2.0 it means it’s a less risky way or an introductory way of checking out the big themes that underpin my Profits Unlimited service, which is my flagship service.

The First Component of STIXX: Semiconductors

Let’s get into STIXX. STIXX starts with the VanEck Vectors Semiconductor ETF (NYSE: SMH). Semiconductors are the heart of America 2.0. They go into everything from spaceships and eventually into everything from doors, windows, bridges and everywhere as we sensorize the world so they can generate data so we can use that data to make decisions.

Maintenance decisions, replacement decisions, any number of things. We are going to have billions and billions of chips, which then forms the basis for the Internet of Things (IoT) and any number of additional megatrends like blockchain, artificial intelligence. Without chips, you have none of that. It’s a critical part of every single part of America 2.0.

The Second Component of STIXX: Solar Energy

The next one is the solar ETF: Invesco Solar ETF (NYSE: TAN). This is a big deal because of the fact we are in the midst of a historic transition from carbon-based energy to more natural, sustainable forms of energy, whether it be from the sun or the wind. It’s mixed in with developments around batteries.

This is a critical part of America 2.0 because it’s part of this transition that’s going on from America 1.0 to America 2.0. The way you can get a very general size exposure to this is by owning the ETF with the ticker TAN.

The Demographic Shift of STIXX

The third one is the demographic shift going on. The millennial generation and gen Z coming right after them is soon going to represent the majority of America. Their spending decisions, their income and what they do is going to matter. One of the critical ways by which you can get in on this is by owning stocks exposed to housing.

We have not been building enough houses since 2008 so there’s a housing shortage relative to the demand that is out there from these two generations. I believe that is, in all likelihood, a decade-long development. It’s very difficult to just suddenly turn on building houses.

You need land, there are structural issues and this is something that’s hard to do. The way to get in on that is through iShares U.S. Home Construction ETF (BATS: ITB). That gets you into another critical part of America 2.0, which is demographic change.

The Fourth Component of STIXX: Biotechnology

The fourth one is biotechnology, precision medicine and the role of genetics in medicine, which is something that has come about as a result of developments over the last 30 years or so. The sequencing of the human genome really set this off.

I believe this is one of the great revolutions where we are going to be displacing all the science from the last 100 years as represented by companies like Merck and Pfizer. Yes, they have some of it, but the nature of stock markets is that the new companies eventually dominate. The old companies fade away.

The way to get access is to own the companies that belong to America 2.0 that have bet all in on precision medicine, molecular diagnostics and really completely tied in terms of their science, development and business model to these new developments. The way to get access to that is through SPDR S&P Biotech ETF (NYSE: XBI).

The cool thing about this ETF is that, unlike other ETFs which are weighted based on company size, this one is equal weighted. That means if a small company goes up a lot, this ETF is going to go up a lot as well. That’s one cool aspect about XBI.

The Final Component of STIXX: Industrials

The last one is the industrials ETF:  Individual Select Sector SPDR Fund (NYSE: XLI). Many people might roll their eyes and say, “Paul, industrials? What are you thinking?” Just think, when the millennial generation and gen Z go to buy houses and put things in them, who’s going to make it?

The industrial companies of America are going to help make it, help the machines that make it and also participate in the creation of new industries like space. We are going to need a lot of that industrial capability and capacity to do what we want to do.

The industrial sector is also the place that is going to incorporate new technologies and new fields including photonics, 3D printing and haptics. These are all developments that are going to make this sector incredibly productive and make it a superstar sector for our overall economy.

Then there’s also the aspect of us reindustrializing our country after 20 years. After shipping jobs and manufacturing and all our capabilities to other countries, we are bringing that back. This is a way to get in on what I believe is a historic shift that’s going to happen.

America is going back to making things. Also making things for new industries and new capabilities that are out there.

Following the Rules of the Game

That’s my STIXX trade. Five incredible ETFs that can help you get into this stock market if you are unsure about what you are looking to do. I tell our folks at Profits Unlimited that they should follow what we call the Rules of the Game.

Click here for a free digital copy of Rules of the Game that you can download and look at. That’s the way I would tell you to buy in. On the other hand, if you would like to get laser-focused America 2.0 stocks, all of these same things except through individual stocks that are laser focused.

Remember, an ETF is general. It has a lot of stocks in there. There are some America 1.0 stocks in there too and that can’t be helped because they just create a list and invest in it.


Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly

Editor, Profits Unlimited

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